Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Put on your chute BEFORE jumping off Thunder Bluff, not the reverse


Zed: Edwards. Let's put it on.
Edwards: Put what on?
Zed: The last suit you'll ever wear.

The above is a nod to BRK, who always has a funny image relating to his post.
Gimmershred AND Ghostflame were both leveled to 20 this weekend, with Ghostflame coming from level 15, meaning that I had to *gasp* level without well-rested XP! I hate grinding levels, but I needed to get her up to level 20, so I could unlock 150-225 Alchemy. BTW, that was fun. Once I got back to TB, and unlocked the next level of alchemy, it only took 3 recipes to get me to 225. I made 40 Elixir of Defense for Gavelofpain, so he could make Toughened Leather Gloves with them. Then I made 40 Greater Healing Potions, and ended with 40 Mighty Troll’s Blood Potions. Easiest powerlevel of a profession I ever performed.

Gimmershred finally got to 20, which means he could equip his Parachute Cloak with +12 Agility enchanted on it, giving him 20 Agility in total. The last Cloak any melee class or hunter will need for at least the next 20 levels, which is a rare thing. Usually I upgrade my equipment every 2-4 levels, but I leave that one alone, since it’s so useful to leave it on, and not have to equip it and wait for the cooldown. The total of 20 Agility is just a bonus. HOW is it useful? Any zone you’re in, you’re going to have hills and/or mountains, and this allows you to jump down them without taking damage. I love jumping down from Ethel Rethor in Desolace (by the Argent Dawn quest giver) by going up the hill from him, and jumping towards the pickup quest on the shoreline. It’s also very useful for jumping off of Thunder bluff towards the Darkmoon Faire, or jumping down from the flight point to the bank.

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