Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Squishies can haz Death Rays too!


I just figured out something. Gnomes have +15 engineering skill, so they can be 240 engineering at level 20, and be able to make the Death Ray at level 30 after going thru the Gnomish Engineering quest. I figured out that while all squishies can’t equip the Gnomish Harm Prevention belt, since it’s leather, they don’t really need it, since all of them have some sort of damage prevention shield. Mages have Mana Shield, Warlocks can sacrifice their Void Walkers, and Priests have Power Word: Shield. And, later on, they can equip the Nigh Invulnerability belt, since it’s cloth. So, for clothies, they all have a shield that doesn’t have an hour long cooldown like the Harm Prevention Belt. Since I usually use the Harm Prevention belt to negate the Death Ray damage to myself, that's very useful to know!

I’m still working on leveling GavelofPain’s engineering on Darrowmere, but the high cost of Iron Bars/Ores is slowing me down. I don’t mind paying for mats, but 3 gold for a 5 stack of Iron Bars is a bit recockulus. I want each of my toons that hit level 20 to make a 200+ engineering item for the rest of my toons. Gavel will level to about 216 by making Goblin Land Mines, then make 9 Mechanical Dragonlings, so each of my toons will have one except my priest. Once Gimmershred, my level 14 druid, reaches level 20, he’ll make the Cat’s Eye Goggles for everyone. Wartraveler already made 11 Gnomish Cloaking Devices, so everyone has 1, with some left to sell on the AH. Misericorde is the only other toon that can be pressed into service, but since she’s a paladin, she’ll be going thru Gnomish Engineering to get the Death Ray and Battle Chicken, then dropping it, talking to Narain Soothfancy in Steamwheedle Port in Tanaris to switch specialties, then leveling it back up and going Goblin. So, until she does that, she doesn’t get to learn any dropped recipes.

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