Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Again with the PUG's, what's wrong with me?


What did I do this weekend? I leveled up Wartraveler & Psilentkill (my warrior and rogue, respectively) to level 20 on Darrowmere. I’ve come to the conclusion that leveling Undead or Blood Elf toons in the Ghostlands is a waste of time. You might as well come over to the Barrens once you hit about 10+, because a lot of the Barrens quests are chained quests, and if you don’t know the game, you might miss out on the beginning of the quest chain.

Wartraveler is currently at about 160 blacksmiting, because I want to see if I can get the Barbaric Iron horde blacksmithing quest items off the AH first. If not, I’ll have to use my own mats, and waste a bunch of gold that I could have sold those metal bars for. I just keep a list of what’s needed, and cross it off as I come to it.

Also, just last night, I got Didactylos from level 11 to level 16, just by running him out to the Ghostlands, and doing the quests that are in line to Golden Mist Village, which is where you summon the Voidwalker to defeat him, and place him in your service.

Oh…oh! I finally had the pleasure of grouping with a newbie/n00b. I’m not sure if he’ll end up a good player or not, but he had some serious issues with playing his toon when I met him. My level 15 Darrowmere paladin Misericorde was running down the coastline of Ratchett, and intending to get the Shipment of Boots and Lenses completed, with perhaps a little grinding of the Northwatch Hold marines thrown in. Well, along the way, I ran into a warlock starting to go into Northwatch. I asked if he wanted to group up, and he said sure, but I was only going to be healing his void walker. I was fine with that, but this guy was terrible! No idea of how to play a warlock, i.e., get your pet to attack the mob, DOT them up, then wand/soul drain to death. Here’s an example. We also picked up a troll warrior along the way, and started killing the marines outside the first tower you come across. This warlock decided to leave us to clear up the remaining 2 marines that we had been fighting, and go into the tower and aggro all five marines/casters inside. He’s level 22, and I’m level 15, and I have to run in there and toss some Heavy dynamite and a Target dummy to save his butt. I think he got the idea of using Attack with the void walker, but he’d usually go in and start whacking them with his staff. And, of course, it was always fun when he would fear everyone, and they’d go get their friends, and make it a fun little whack-a-pally party. On the escort quest from Northwatch, he finally made the ultimate mistake. While we’re walking with the Blood Elf prisoner, and watching out for him, the warlock is going far ahead, and pulling an entire camp at once. Needless to say, he got smacked down hard. By this time, all I care about is completing the quest, so he was lucky to get a rez. We finally made it back to Ratchett, and I asked the warlock if this was his main character. “Yeah, it is. How could you tell?” /facepalm

And I finally got Panzergishi, my dwarf warrior on Daggerspine, up to 300 Blacksmithing! It took me from about 1 am to 2:30 am last night, and I ended up not being able to go to sleep, but it was worth it. I was already at 260 BS, so you’d think that 40 points would be a breeze, right? Well, I’m a cheapskate, and hate wasting materials. Those Thorium armor recipes turn out to be nothing but disenchanting fodder, so I hated making them when I powerleveled Bullkathos. With Panzergishi, I made about 6 or 7 mithril spurs to get to 265 BS, then made a couple of Phantom Blades, 2 Blights, and a Truesilver Champion to get to 270. After that I wasted the 60 Thorium to make Thorium Belt 5x, and I was ready to train Thorium Shield Spikes! Of course, I had to track down all the essences of earth my toons had split amongst themselves, then had to track down more Dense Stone to make Dense Grinding stones, but then I was ready to rock! I hit create all, and went and had a smoke, and came back to find about 30 Thorium Shield Spikes in my inventory, and 300 Blacksmithing in my skills.

It’s really fun hitting 300 in crafting, because a LOT of recipes become available to you. I had been saving all the ones I found on the AH, and suddenly was able to train almost all of them, clearing up my bank a lot. Heartseeker – Learned! Annihilator – learned! Darkrune helm – learned! Invulnerable Mail- learned! I think I trained 20 recipes in the space of a minute……and that was probably a more expensive minute than the 2 hours it had taken me to get there. :)

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