Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Patch 3.02 - Ehh, who needs it


The patch 3.02 hit 2 days ago, and for some reason, I’ve been kinda blahh about it. I’m getting out of selling stuff, and looking for bargains takes up too much time, so I’m not going to do it anymore. The newest patch brought a whole mess of problems with my addons, so I’m going to drop most of them. I liked the original version of Auctioneer, but I think it takes up too much of my ram to run the newest version, and I hate how it displays the auctions.

Fizwidget’s Hunter’s Helper was a great addon to have, listing all the available beasts in the zone that you could learn skills from, but with the patch, it’s not needed (Since now all pets learn their skills automatically as they level). They incorporated a threat meter with the patch, so Omen could probably go bye-bye. About the only ones I think I’ll keep are CT mods, so I can use a lot more than the 10 command boxes in the first bar, and Ackis Recipe list, so I know what recipes I’m missing. Also Gatherer, since it tells me on my minimap where nodes of herb/ore are.

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