Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Are you sure you want to buy this item? Is that your Final Answer? Positive? Really really sure?


Ha HAH! Yesssss! I’ve been using my friends account to check the opposite factions AH for bargains on mats I need/use, and to check for recipes. More specifically, I’ve checking for the Steel Weapon chain and the Thorium Shield spike recipe, for both Daggerspine and Darrowmere. I got the Weapon Chain recipe a while back for both of those accounts, and last night I finally got it for Daggerspine! I had been transferring over the 12 Alliance cooking recipes for this horde toon to sell on the AH for about 8-10 gold each (the whole 12 set costs about 1g total from the vendor), in preparation for the no doubt hefty price tag on this ultra rare recipe. So, I go onto the AH in Daggerspine, do my usual search for Shield Spike, and lo and behold, it pops up. Not only that, I had to do a double take, because it was only 10g. 10 G!!!!!!!!! I probably would have paid at least 300-500g for the recipe, not only because the usefulness and saleability of the item it creates, but because you can learn the recipe at level 275 blacksmithing, and use it to level all the way up to and past level 300.

Bullkathos, on Demon Soul, has both the weapon chain and thorium shield spike, and after the Arcanite Rod recipe went green/gray at like 285, I wasn’t planning on leveling BS anymore until I got my toons to higher levels. Well, I was doing my usual recipe search with the useful checkmark checked (the one right by the search button), and since I didn’t know the recipe, it popped up for me. It was listed at like 60 gold, but even at that time, that was a drop in the bucket. It has saved me so many Thorium bars, it’s not even funny. Not only that, most of the stuff I made up to that point were kinda worthless Thorium armor, which I don’t think anyone really pays for, so I just had my enchanter DE them. At a 12+ stack of thorium for each thorium recipe piece, that’s a big waste, considering I bought all of them off the AH.

But enough about Bullkathos. Now that I have this on Daggerspine, I can continue powerleveling Panzergishi’s blacksmithing, since I left it at 260. I checked thottbot, and it looks like the Mithril Order recipes stop leveling you at around 260 anyways, so there’s no point in me waiting until level 40 when I do those quests to finish powerleveling BS. I’ll get it done now, and hopefully I’ll be able to find the Ornate mithril items on the AH for cheap, because it’s already an investment of a ton of mithril bars to just do the Galvan the Ancient quests.

Man, I can’t wait to play tonight. I spent most of last night transferring stuff over between each of the accounts, and when you’re paranoid like me, I only put 1-2 auctions up at the same time, then quickly turn to my other computer and bid/buy them out quickly. I say bid/buy because I put the copper value denoting the number of items in the stack as the bid/buyout price, so I don’t have to click YES, I WANT TO BUY THIS ITEM every single freaking time. It also means that the neutral AH returns all the gold they charged upfront for the deposit, since they only take 15% of the sale price, minus the deposit. Well, if the sale price is 1-20 copper, even though the deposit was like 3 gold……you’re getting your 3 gold back.

It’s nice AND annoying when I get these huge transfers from the other side. It’s nice, because it’s an influx of mats that I need, and don’t want to pay overinflated prices on my own AH, since that just encourages the sellers to post higher. I should know, my Arcanite Rod prices keep creeping up. :) It’s annoying, because now I have to find space for all this stuff, and Demon Soul is a pretty full account. 10 toons, all personal bank bags bought, and 3 tabs in my own guild bank, and I still have storage problems. Yeah, I know, the smallest fiddle in the world is playing for my troubles. hehe

But at least I get to play tonight, and hopefully get my Darrowmere warrior Wartraveler up to level 20, so he can make Clockwrkmage a Golden Rod. Peace out!

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