Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Smuggling stories


Clockworknyt just dinged 40 last night! This is my usual stopping place for my toons, once I get a mount, so it forces me to work on other toons. I did have some fun along the way, dealing with Allies with my mixture of Goblin and Gnomish trinkets. Pally’s are perfectly designed for the Gnomish Death Ray and Goblin Flamethrower, both of which have 5 minute cooldowns, which matches the cooldown on their Divine Protection bubble shield. At level 37, I attacked a level 36 Ally mage, and a level 45 Draenai shaman who were killing spiders outside my favorite spider cave in Dustwallow Marsh. I suppose I could have waited for them to go away, or gone to the cave, but my guess is that they would have attacked me anyway. I used the death ray to get the shaman down to half health in the first fight, but got sheeped and beaten down. The second time, I hid behind a tree and equipped my Gnomish Mind Control Cap, and waited for the cooldown to elapse. That didn’t work so well, malfunctioning and making me the pet of the Shamanan (my original plan was for the shaman to become controlled by me, and beat down the mage.

Another memorable encounter was in Desolace, doing the Corrupter questline. I had just gotten over to the Satyr area, and was peacefully mining some Iron ore, when all of a sudden I was charged by a level 36 Warrior (I just, just turned 40). He was accompanied by a ??? Druid, but I figured I was gonna get clobbered, so I might as well do some damage. I hit him once, then bubbled up and let loose some Death ray damage in the amount of 2299. What the ??? It used to only crit at about 1900 damage, but I guess they upped the damage level. Anyway, the Warrior crumpled, but the druid killed me in 2 hits.

Kukoshakaku has now dabbled in PvP as well. I took a couple hours, and got him from 26-28, doing quests in Ashenvale. After I did the “kill water elementals and discover the gazebo” quest, a level 25 Warlock attacked me as I came out of the water. He DoT’d me, and Feared me, but it didn’t FAZE me! I had hit him a couple of times, and set up my fire totem, and hit him with my DoT fire spell before he feared me, so after I came out of running out of control, I hit my only trinket that I had equipped. Gnomish Cloaking Device…..awww yeah. As I had expected, it took me out of combat, and I was able to run around to behind where the warlock was standing, and once I came back from the ghost world view, I quickly beat the warlock down. “Is it a rogue? Is it a paladin?” Nope, it’s an engineer, baby!

I am now a smuggler…of sorts. For Demon Soul and Darrowmere, I am the only supplier of 15 Ally only cooking recipes. 12 of them are from Ally cooking quests (don’t bother getting Curiously Tasty Omelet, Horde can buy from their own vendors), and can be purchased from the recipe vendor in Old town, above the basement where the Cooking trainer is. Loch Frenzy Delight is bought by the fishing trainer in Loch Modan (A little east of Thelsamar), and Clam Chowder and Fillet of Frenzy can both be bought in Darkshore. Fillet is bought at the Inn, and Clam chowder is bought down the coast, from the fishing supplies vendor there. Why bother with all this smuggling of enemy recipes?

Well, Burizadokyanon went from about 300 gold to 1500 gold, mainly from selling the 12 cooking recipes for about 6-7 gold each. On Darrowmere, Misericorde went from about 3 gold to about 500 gold, doing the same thing. One player even went so far as to write me a letter thanking me for putting the recipes on the AH, and asking if I could get him the Moongraze quest recipe from the Draenai starting area, the Kaldorei Spider kabob quest recipe from the Night Elf starting area, and Tasty Lion Steak from a level 34 quest. He wasn’t stingy either, offering 20 gold each for the quest recipes.

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