Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My milkshake brings all the Mobs to the yard


Hmmm, not sure what has happened since the last time I wrote.
I got a new job, so I just started writing again on my new company laptop.
I’ve gotten almost all of my Alliance toons thru the Deadmines, and started my usual race for gold on my new server Darrowmere. I’ve only gotten Bloodshrike, my new BE hunter, to level 12, but my 6 other level 2-4 alts are pulling in the gold thru the AH. I sent Wartraveler, my Undead Warrior, immediately over to Swamp of Sorrows, without doing a single quest in his starting zone. I flew to Grom’Grol base camp, got killed immediately, and ghost ran to Stonard. Logged out, logged back in, and rezzed at the Spirit Healer. I picked up the Enchant Bracer: Deflection recipe and the Elixir of Demonslaying from the 2 vendors in the Inn there, and sent them to Clockwrkmage, who will be my Auction House Alt/Recipe Mule for a while. She’s collecting all the recipes she can get at a low price, to save for toons that will be picking up those professions later on.

After Wartraveler had collected about 8 of the Deflection recipes, I decided to go for the Green Dragonscale Breastplate recipe that the Draenai Leatherworking supplier in the Harborage will sell on rare occasions. I’ve sold about 2 of them so far, for about 30-40 gold each, but since Darrowmere is a low pop server, I guess a lot of people can’t afford it. I might have to lower my price.

It was pretty funny corpse-jumping to the Harborage from Stonard. Ghost running is easy, you just die, go to a spirit healer in a different zone, log out, log back in, and you're able to resurrect at the new spirit healer, without being ripped back to the spirit healer closest to where you originally died. What most people do though, since they don't know about ghost running, is called corpse-hopping. You die, you run back to your corpse, you stand on the perimeter of where you can resurrect, and you try to get closer to the destination you're headed. I don't recommend this, unless you're trying to get somewhere in the same zone. Well, in Swamp of Sorrows, the mobs there are about level 35-40, and as such, they have a high aggro radius towards a low level player. I swear, I'd have crocolisks and jaguars coming from a mile away to one-hit me when Wartraveler would respawn. I'd make it a little past the perimeter of my corpse, and be dead again. It probably would take a level 35 player 30 seconds to run from Stonard to the Harborage, but it took me about 15-20 minutes to make it there.

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