Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Dear Santa, for Christmas I'd like an 11th character slot


Well, I haven’t done anything with Bloodshrike on Demon Soul, mainly because I know he’ll be doing green quests, and not getting much xp for them. I’m also hoping against hope that they’ll open up an 11th slot for Death Knights, not out of any affection for Sansetsukon, but I do really like my twinks Doomslinger (Daggerspine) and Annihilus (Darrowmere). It would be nice to have a Death Knight on those servers as well, but it’s taken a long time to get where I am, so I don’t really want to give any of the toons up……..well, maybe my priests could be axed, but nobody else, really.

I’m much more of the “Kill it! Kill it! Kill it!” type of player, rather than doing the healing thing.

Speaking of Doomslinger, I took her out for a BG over the weekend. Only 1 BG, but apparently the Horde were honor farming, as they took a while to finally get the last flag. I racked up 49 kills in that game, coming in 3rd, and that was because I played defense most of the time. I would occasionally foray out onto the middle, burn down a few Hordies, and make a run for the flag, before getting hit from all sides and taken down.

I realized that I might have made a better showing if I actually had weapon skill in 2-handed axes, as I had about 5/95 when I went into the BG. I also got +9 stamina to bracers from Clock, and changed out a few pieces of equipment, so hopefully I’ll be even tougher next time.

Gwiddonyn is now level 34 1/2, just aching to get to 35 to powerlevel Alchemy and Engineering. Once I get to 275 Alchemy, she’ll have about 160 Arcanite Transmutes to do, so I think that’ll bring her up to 300 easily. Since she’s a Gnome, and has the passive +15 to engineering, I think I’ll have her do Mithril Mechanical Dragonlings from 250 onwards, to build up a stockpile for when I start making Arcanite Dragonlings. Now I just need to get a toon to 50 on Daggerspine....

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