Tuesday, December 23, 2008

A new Paladin emerges

Hehe, I finished my graphics work here early this morning, so I basically have the rest of the day off. With the Arena Season 4 update coming today, hopefully people won’t be around the neutral towns in Gadgetzan and Winterspring, so my lvl 1 toons can transfer stuff in peace.

On Sunday, I actually played another toon on Darrowmere! Misericorde, my lvl 2 Paladin, needed to get leveled up to at least level 5, which is where most of my other toons are. Level 5 is where the magic happens, and you’re able to take up a crafting profession for the first time, as well as taking up fishing. She will of course be an Engineer/Miner, as all my paladins are. Spec Gnomish first to get the Death Ray and other goodies, then respect to Goblin, natch.

I have to say it’s very handy having my own guild bank, so all toons can access common Engineering mats, then put the excess back when they’re done powerleveling. Misericorde easily blasted thru the starting area, then the 3 quests at Falconwing Square, and now she’s finishing the last quests at Fairbreeze Village. She was able to get to level 9 in a few hours, so once I hit lvl 10, I’ll get over to TB, take up LW to get the Pattern: Kodo Hide Bag recipe (to sell for 30-40 g on Ally side), then hearth back to Silvermoon City, and go to Undercity for my Engineering powerleveling session to lvl 150. When you can stand on the counter, and train recipes as well as make stuff, it makes powerleveling a lot easier. When you have the engineering trainer halfway across the city (cough, Ironforge, cough), it makes it quite annoying.

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