Tuesday, December 23, 2008

WTF?? Aww, heck no.


WTF???? Blizzard said to delete the WTF folder in the Warcraft directory, since it might cause complications while traveling to the new areas like Quel’Danas. Well, it turns out that the Auctioneer scan data and the CT Map notes are stored in that folder. While I didn’t mind losing my scan data, since it was about 80% full, and would lag while entering the Auction House, I DID mind losing my map mods. That had all my Ore, Herb, and location notes I’ve entered over the past year. It’s extremely useful to keep track of which toons have picked up which quests, and I didn’t want to lose it. So, I went to the Recycle Bin, picked out those 2 files, and put them in the new WTF folder.

Aosdanasaoi is coming along quite nicely right now. I flew her back to Darkshire after doing the Legend of Stalvan quest chain around Stormwind. I dinged Revered while doing it, so it was useful, then flew to Darkshire when I got the quest to talk to the innkeeper there. I had about 6 completed quests to turn in, and that bumped me up to level 32. I now have to kill Mor’Ladim and Stalvan, but they shouldn’t be a problem. Mor’Ladim attacked me while I was in the cemetery, killing the skeletons, and while I wasn’t prepared for a fight with him, I still managed to kill him, and I was only level 30. He’s a level 33-34 Elite, but Engineering helped me kill him, of course. I think I used the Gnomish Shrink Ray, then used a bomb to help speed up the killing.

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