Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Getting over the hump of leveling


Wahoo! Bloodshrike, my first toon, is now level 51 and a half! I just started playing him again this weekend, and gained about 3 or so levels, and a lot of it was from finishing up green quests in the Badlands. Why was a level 48+ questing in the Badlands? Well, I wanted to do the Uldaman Reagent run to get the Restorative Potion recipe, so I accepted the other quests while I was there.

Running around Uldaman as a level 50 is fun! I ran clockwise around the area before the instance, and even went into the instance, but decided not to push my luck. I got the Adventurers Pith Helmet as one of my drops, which will serve Kukoshakaku or Morticide very nicely once they level up.

After that, I moseyed over to Burning Steppes (I think, whatever zone is west of Badlands) and did the quests for the Outhouse. I even ran up to the tunnel to Loch Modan, and found out that a Large Seaforium Charge will pick the lock to the tunnel. I’m not sure if a small one will do it, but you’d better have 2 of whatever you got, because the door shuts behind you pretty quickly. Luckily, I did have 2 Large Sea charges, so I was able to get out of there. After that, I went over to Un’Goro Crater, and was doing the Sticky Stuff quest, along with all the rest of the quests I picked up at the Marshal’s Refuge. The only one I got completed was the Sticky Stuff quest, along with getting 20 Un’Goro soil to turn in at Thunder Bluff. I’ll come back to it after I finish the Hinterlands.

Next, I went to the Hinterlands, stopping first in Arathi to do the level 225 First Aid quest. Easy enough, but 60 Mageweave wasn’t enough to get me up to Runecloth bandages, so I had to have Bullkathos send me another 40. Then, he had to send me more runecloth, since the 60 I brought didn’t get me up to level 300. Once that was done, I flew over to the Hinterlands. I accepted all the quests in the village, and had to drop some of the Un’Goro quests to get all of them, but they were yellow to red, so I’ll be able to see them even without low level quest tracking turned on. Snapjaws, Mon!, Gammerita, Mon!, Lard’s Lunch, and the Pupellyverberos port quest from Booty Bay are all on the same stretch of beach in the Hinterlands.

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