Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Sneaky sneaky, Sir

Wahoo!!! It’s nice to be able to post enchanting mats again. Banesidhe posted a bunch of Vision Dust, Small Radiant Shards, and Lesser Nether Essence on the AH on Wednesday night, and came back on Thursday to find a cool 150 G in his inbox. The previous sellers must have underbid themselves into the ground, and stopped posting, leaving me an almost free market. There was virtually nobody posting nether essence or small radiant shards, and I’m used to seeing a lot of other sellers in the market.

I decided to take Thrillkiller over to Gnomeregan, since I wanted to get the [Schematic: Discombobulator Ray]. Very easy for a level 42 rogue to get in there. I’m going to have to charge in with Clockworknyt though, and learn the schematic at around 150, so I can get some skill points for it, once I respecc from Gnomish to Goblin. I figure I should be able to do it by about level 36 at least, since they’re only level level 27-30 elite. It’s a huge instance, and I’m glad I was able to stealth, because it wouldn’t be fun to fight through. The irradiated troggs spill tainted blood on their fellows when they die, turning them from normal mobs into elites, making it harder to kill them. You have to target the normal mobs first, then take down the elites. Well, Thrill didn’t have to do any of that. I snuck around, pickpocketed some of the mobs, then went and killed the Mechgineer boss in the final chamber. You’re supposed to have someone run around and hit the switches to disable the bomb pipes, but it’s not needed when you’re high enough. I cheapshotted him, used the lowered defense attack, hit my Gnomish Harm Prevention Belt, and immediately used my Death Ray. I tossed in a Fel Iron Bomb, and with a few smacks with my maces later, he was dead.

On Darrowmere, the price for the gems is a little skewed. On my other servers, Talasite and Star of Elune usually sell for about 50 gold each, making the decision to buy them for 12 gold an easy one. But on Darrowmere, they sell for only about 8-10 gold, meaning that I lost money on buying them. Luckily I was able to sell the Living Ruby for about 35 gold, giving Gimmershred a bit more buying capital to go back and camp the Faire some more.

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