Tuesday, December 23, 2008

My first time main healing

I actually played last night! Not only did I play, I also got invited to a high level instance! I was checking the AH on Daggerspine with Clockwrkmage when my old GM whispered me, and asked what levels my alts were at. I told him that I had 2 level 42 toons, and he asked if any of them were healers. I said that I had a Ret paladin (Kishigishi), and he said that was fine. So, he invited me to come heal for the Temple of Atal’Hakkar (or whatever it is, in the Swamp of Sorrows). Those are level 49-50 elites, so I had no choice BUT to just act as main healer. We had a level 45 NE Fury warrior who wasn’t really helping that much, and my old GM, who was playing a level 65 gnome fire mage. You know, it’s really annoying when a warrior doesn’t stock a shield, no matter what spec they use. All my warriors spec Fury, but I still stock a shield, just in case I need the extra protection while doing an instance, or a hard elite by myself.

Anyways, it was mostly me and the mage, who was trying to kill Morphaz for a quest, and the troll mini-bosses to be able to unlock another boss. We did pretty well, for a mage and a low-level healer. I put Blessing of Light on the mage, and Blessing of Wisdom on myself. I would just spam Flash of Light and the other greater healing spell on the mage after he would engage the mobs, and I didn’t gain aggro enough to trigger the mobs hate. We only wiped when jumping down from the mini-bosses balconies, and I would try to heal the mage from up above. THAT got me aggro, and in trying to avoid it, I fell down, and aggro’d the entire floor. After that, we started clearing from the downstars into the middle, so we didn’t have to worry about mobs coming up from behind. The Dragonkin mob groups getting to Morphaz were more difficult than they were. I didn’t even have to heal the mage while he took both of them down. All in all, a fun time. I did decent healing, didn’t let the mage die once we got into a rhythm, and didn’t waste mana unnecessarily.

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