Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Blood's adventures in Tanaris

Bloodshrike met up with a level 43 Troll Priest, slaughtered all the pirates in the camp, killed Andre Firebeard, and picked up Stoley’s Shipment, all pretty much at 0 mana. I burned thru my mana way too fast, but luckily, due to engineering, autoshot, and the priests healing skills, I was able to continue killing everything that needed it. After we finished, we mounted up and rode out, and I stopped along the way to burn down a level 46 druid, just to see if I could. I could, and did, so we continued on to Steamwheedle Port to turn in the quests.

After that, the priest and I parted ways, and I went south to kill more Wastewanders, and to try and locate Caliph Scorpidsting. That was pretty easy, even though I got annihilated by a level 44 mage and level 49 Paladin, probably in retribution for killing the druid.

After that I headed over to the insect Centipaar area, to try and get 5 Centipaar parts. At this point, I was level 45, and Arikara was level 38. I was able to handle the level 47 and 48 wasps without too much of a problem, but the level 50 beetle ones kicked my butt every time I tried them. I think they had those miniscule little minions with them, so they’d swarm me, and I couldn’t kill them and a mob 5 levels above me fast enough to make it thru the fight.

I finally went to the east side of the area, where it was mainly just wasps and level 48 workers, and I was able to finish it. I didn’t want to run all the way back to Gadgetzan, so I decided to jump into Un’Goro to get the flight point, and continue on to Sithilus. I rode north to the furthest point where you could run off the cliff edge, and ran & jumped off. I triggered my parachute cloak and came in for a safe landing, but aggro’d a level 49 baby Pterosaur. I was tired of running from fights, so I decided to try to take him down. Surprisingly, I was able to do it!

From there, I continued northwest around the slopes of Un’goro, hugging the wall to avoid aggro. I grabbed the flightpoint from the Marshal’s area, and continued on to Sithilus. When I first came into the zone, I noticed a leatherworking vendor to the left, so I stopped off and bought the Heavy Scorpid Bracer recipe (255) for Kukoshakaku (which, incidentally, is NOT allowed in an Leatherworking bag), then continued on to grab the flightpoint and some more recipes from Kania for Bullkathos to sell . I flew back to Gadgetzan, turned in the quest, and logged out at 45 and a half with Arikara at 39.

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