Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Clockwrkmage needs a mount


Well, over the weekend I brought most of the stuff I’ve been getting on Ally side over to Horde side for Demon Soul and Darrowmere. The friend that has been helping me on the opposite faction got fired from my company, so I don’t know how long he’s going to keep paying for WOW. You know you have too much stuff when you have your OWN guild bank, with 3 tabs, most of your 10 toons have all their bank bag slots purchased, and you STILL have a problem with having too many items. I have probably about 300+ Essence of Air on each of my toons, mainly because it was pretty cheap to bid/buy. I think it’s used in high level blacksmithing recipes, but I’ve got way too many of them. I just made 5 Goblin Jumper Cables XL with Kishigishi, and that barely used up any of the mats I have on her. I need to stop buying, and need to start questing.

So, in that light, I did. Granted, I still took some time to log into the toons camping the Darkmoon Faire on each of my servers, but I concentrated on Clockwrkmage on Daggerspine last night, and got her from 28 to level 30. I was spurred on to do that because I tried to kill Mor’Ladim by Raven Hill, and just barely lost. I led off with Frost Bolt, immediately followed by Fire Ball, and then the instant cast fire blast. After that, I used a Big One, followed up with a fire blast, then frost nova and arcane missiles. I tried tossing up a Target Dummy and bandaging myself while he was distracted, but that healing overrode what little aggro the dummy was putting out, and he turned back to me. I was able to get off a second Big One, hoping it would finish him off, but no such luck. I had no health left, and he had no health, but he was able to get off one last attack, and that was enough to finish me off, and waste all the bombs I put into the fight. I hate being defeated, so I continued on to finish off my other quests, vowing to come back at level 30, when I would have a Mechanical Dragonling to help me out on my fights.

Also, I gotta go back and take care of Gahz’rogg and Blaze in Redridge Mountains. The main quests I did to get from 28 to 30 were the Legend of Stalvan, Worgen in the woods, and the Embalmer quest lines. While killing skeletons for the Night Watch quest line, I ran across Mor’Ladim, and got kilt. I finished my quests, did some of my turn-ins, went to Stormwind for the Defias Docket questline, and hit level 30. It’s mount time!!!!!!............well, kinda. Surprisingly, for an engineering freak, I’m not a fan of the Mechanostrider. I find it too noisy for my tastes. However, I’m already at Revered with Stormwind, so maybe Clock will find herself a nice horse to ride in the near future.

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