Tuesday, December 23, 2008

I start teaching others how to make monies


Well, I’m out here working on the Controls for a certain fruit-shaped computer company, trying to gather my thoughts about what’s happened since my last update of the blog, while my brain is stewing ideas over for my actual job here today. I’m making the graphical user interface for the HVAC system here, but I’m still a little hazy on what to do. I find it helps to just go for a smoke, or work on something else, and my brain will continue thinking about the problem in the background, and come up with something later.

Inflation continues to rise in all….six of the servers I’m currently playing on. “Six servers!?!” Yup, six servers. Demon Soul, Daggerspine, and Darrowmere are my main ones, and I started a few toons on Lightbringer to maybe get around to hanging out with my buddy Francois one of these days. I also made some toons on Gurubashi and Draka, just to help Francois and Kevin (both are coworkers) powerlevel their gold reserves on their new servers.

On Thursday, June 5th, Francois had 38 gold on his level 35 Horde hunter on Gurabashi. After I used 8 gold to buy a Recipe: Elixir of Giant Growth, he had 30. I had already started making money on that server by buying Coarse Blasting powder, and selling it on the AH when I reached a full 20 stack, which is how I usually start out on a new server. Anyways, he traded me the Giant Growth formula, and I gave him about 3 sets of the Ally cooking quest recipes, and told him to put them on the AH for 8-10g each (the full 12 set costs about 1g total for an Ally). The recipes sold out by the next day, and kept selling like hotcakes.

I supplemented his sales with the proceeds of what I got on the opposite faction, and as of last night, he was up to 1100 gold. Plus, I have about 300 gold on the Ally side, just waiting to get a price difference between Horde and Ally enchanting mats. I usually buy from one side to convert my gold to untouchable currency, transfer thru the neutral AH at 1 copper or so, and sell on the other side. Well, it rankles me to lose money, so I’m not going to buy Void crystals on the Ally side at 45 gold, and only sell them on the Horde side for 38 gold.

I’m also doing the same for my other friend Kevin. He’s on a PvE server, so I wasn’t quite sure if it would work, but it did. He had 5 gold, he bought me a set of the cooking recipes, and I sold them within the hour for 6 gold each. He’s now up to 300 gold. I was worried that someone would tumble to my trick, and make a toon on the Horde side to buy the recipes, give them to a friend, and have the friend sell the recipes to them. I guess other peeps just aren’t as devious as me.

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