Tuesday, December 23, 2008

PUG? Uggh is more like it

I’m really liking the lore in Duskwood. I had Aosdanasaoi complete every quest there, and now I’m going to have Panzergishi do the same. At level 29, he had no problem doing the remaining group quests in Redridge by himself, even taking down Gath'Ilzogg and his little dragonling Blaze.

Granted, I had virtually no health left, but a Solid dynamite and a target dummy really helped to bring them down faster. After that I flew to Darkshire, and picked up all the quests available, then flew over to Westfall to log out and be ready to go when I play him next. Before I finished the quests in Redridge, I also main tanked Deadmines.

At level 29, that shouldn’t be a problem, but the pickup group I hooked up with weren’t the most experienced. I had a warlock who kept sending his voidwalker to pull enemies, then Fearing them when they aggro’d him because of his DoT’s. This would cause them to run away, and pick up adds, which made it even harder for me to keep control. The priest was putting Shield on me for a bit, until I realized it, and asked them to stop, because I wasn’t getting any rage. They just didn’t seem to get the point of instances, where you concentrate attacks on one monster at a time, maybe 2 or three. You don’t aggro the entire area, like what happened in the Smelting Room. We get down the ramp, and I start taking on a goblin engineer. He summons a harvest reaper, which is expected. What isn’t expected is the other members aggro’ing more engineers, who summon more reapers. I’m fighting about 6-7 elite mobs by myself, since they all got themselves killed off. I probably used 3 bombs and a target dummy, as well as a health pot, but luckily I survived.

After that, I started trying to aggro as many enemies as I could, well before the other group members could get to them. This served us well, up until we fought Captain Greenskin. They aggro’d a lot of mobs, and a few of the group got killed off again. Luckily our priest seemed to be doing the smart thing, and kept back, so they were able to rezz easily. I charged in at VanCleef, and started hacking away. He summons quite a few adds, but the smart usage of a Goblin land mine and a Target dummy helped to mitigate some damage, as well as dish out a bunch of my own.

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