Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Time to level professions on Darrowmere


Well, since Clockwrkmage finally hit level 20, it’s time to make him a Runed Golden Rod. But Golden Rods are currently around 7-8 gold in the Darrowmere AH, so that means it’s time to level Wartraveler (my warrior) up to level 20, and get him started on Blacksmithing. I don’t mind losing out on mining, since I know what recipes to use to make the professions pay for themselves. War will be making Silver and Golden Rods, and probably having Clockwrkmage posting some at a higher price to make War’s rods look even more competitively priced.

I gotta say, I love actually getting out of the town and playing my toons. I spend so much time looking for bargains in the AH, I forget how the game isn’t supposed to revolve around that. It’s really fun to just go out and hit monsters, and be geared enough so I don’t have to bandage/eat after every 1-2 kills. When you can clear an encampment within a few minutes, when other people at the same level take a minute for each fight, and have to heal up after…..that’s a great feeling.

When I had Annihilus be run thru Wailing Caverns, I wasn’t passively trotting after the high level. I fought alongside of him, and was able to take down quite a few of the Elites myself.

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