Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Fear me…. FEAR ME……fear ME!!!!


I’m really getting into the whole macro thing, since I don’t like to use much more than my left hand to hit attacks and spells. Francois uses WASD to move, and clicks his spells individually….well, at least he did. His first toon is a Feral Cat form druid, but even at level 70, he doesn’t have to use more than 4 attacks, so he usually goes click, click, click, click in sequence, then repeats.

I couldn’t do that. I try to get as many spells as I can up on my action bars, so I’ll have easy access to them. Moreover, I want them all to be either on ASDFG ZXCVB WE 1234567, or I don’t really use them. 7 is usually reserved for summon mount, 6 is usually a healing potion, 1-3 are usually engineering bombs or target dummies. BTW, I use CT Mod, so when I refer to 1-7, that’s 1-7 on Action bar 4, and I usually have Action bar 5 above, for the abilities that I will only click on to activate, since I use them so rarely. Things like Blizzard or Hellfire, where I’d be in a dungeon, only providing DPS. Me + Dungeon = a rare occasion.
Anyways, I modified a macro that I had stumbled across on someone’s site, and gave it my own twist.

/cast [nomodifier] Death Coil
/cast [modifier:alt] Fear
/cast [modifier:ctrl] Howl of Terror

So, it would use Death Coil if I hit B, if I hold Alt+B it would use Fear, and holding Ctrl+B you could use Howl of Terror

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