Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Lifelike Mechanical Toad = $$$$$$$$


Wanna make some gold? Powerlevel engineering to 265, and get the Lifelike Mechanical Toad recipe. I had been bidding on Thorium widgets for a while now, picking them up when I could get 10 for 3.3 gold, and now there’s a definite use for them. They may have some use for level 300+ recipes, but the Toad recipe uses 4 at a time, making me very glad that I saved up a ton of them. I was able to powerlevel engineering on both Hangfire (NE druid on Daggerspine) and Bonescourge (Undead warlock on Demonsoul) by using that recipe, and it will bring me a ton of gold in return. Since the recipe has such a low drop, it’s pretty easy to get control of the market.

Oh yeah, I also got Hangfire to level 35 last weekend, and this weekend I got Bonescourge to 35, and for some reason I kept going to 40. I had a lot of warlock quests that were mainly “go here, get a few of these items,” and since Bone is my first warlock, I was curious as to what abilities would be unlocked. Doing the prerequisites for those quests in Desolace, I was able to take out Lord Azzeroc for the Corrupter quest line at level 37, and he was a level 40 Elite. I used my Mechanical Dragonling and Death Ray on him, which in retrospect might have been a bad idea. The Death Ray can hurt you pretty badly, so unless you have some way of negating that damage (bubble shield, Gnomish Harm Prevention Belt, Mage shield, Power Word: Shield, or sacrificing your Void walker), it’s not wise to give up a lot of health, especially for a clothie. I suppose I could have let the dragonling start hitting him, sacrificed the VW, hit him with the Death Ray, used my summoning cooldown to summon the VW faster with 50% less mana loss, and had the VW keep tanking.

It’s funny, I still haven’t gotten my Felpuppy (Felhound), but I already defeated the Fel Hunter by Tabetha’s hut in Dustwallow Marsh.
I still haven’t gotten all the way up to Hillsbrad for the Moldy Tome, and then I’ll continue to Arathi for the fire elemental part of the Enchanted Gold Bloodrobe questline (though it’ll probably be useless to me when I get it). Oh well, live and learn. I’m getting used to balancing my health and mana with Life Tap, which is great because Warlocks are mana hungry all the time. Even if I use Life Tap and then a couple of Drain Life’s on the target, I’ll still be lower in health than mana. Oh well, that’s what I have bandages for.

I have gotten more enthused about the patch though, now that I’ve gotten more playtime with it. I love Inscription, with the minor Glyphs, it allows a lot of the recipes to not need reagents anymore. It also freakin’ rules because of the weapon and armor vellums, which allow a powerleveling enchanter to store all their enchants for later use, or to put on the AH. I hated trying to find customers for my enchants, so I’d either waste them (early on), or put them on items for my toons to wear later, which took up a lot of bag space.

With Clockwrkmage on Daggerspine, since she recently got up to level 35 (40 now), she was able to unlock Enchanting from 225-300. I had gotten it up to 265, so I could learn the Fiery Weapon recipe, and I was planning on being a whore by advertising the enchant free with the customers mats, or even providing the Essence of Fire as an inducement. Now, I don’t have to. I am currently around 290 Enchanting, just waiting for items to DE for Illusion dust, so I can get the rest of the way to 300 with the 100 health to chest enchant, which will be put on Armor Vellums so any toon can use them if needed.

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