Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Gimme minipets! I gotta catch them all!

Clockwrkmage is now 300 enchanting, with Lifesteal and a bunch of other level 300 enchanting recipes learned. I had thought that Lifesteal was an expensive enchant, but it uses items that I’ve saved up a ton of (Essence of Undeath, Living essence, Large Brilliant Shard?), so I was able to make 3 of them easily, and I put them on the AH at 80-100 gold each. Surprisingly, it was still able to fit on an armor vellum (1), cause it has no level restriction. Maybe they only made level restrictions for stuff that gives a constant buff (12 Agility to Cloak has a item level 35 requirement), not for enchants that proc (Lifesteal, Fiery, Mongoose). I also put up about 4 Fiery enchants at 30-35 gold, when the small radiant shards only cost me about 4g each, and I had a ton of Essence of Fire.

Bonescourge explored the Wetlands while getting the channeling rods to summon the Felhound, and then continued on to the Badlands. That area has a few crafted item turnin quests (Frost Oil, Gyrochronomatom) along with regular items (Blue Pearl, Healing Potion), so any toon that goes over there will pick the items up before they get there. I had Bonescourge pick up enough Cockroaches in the Undercity for all my toons, then had Banesidhe port to Silvermoon to get all 3 of the Dragonhawk pets. With what Bonescourge had already learned, that was enough to get him to the “Plenty of Pets” achievement (15 pets), and well on his way to the 50 needed to get the pet skunk. I’m going to need to get the cats from Elwynn Forest, the moths from Exodar, the rabbit from the Dwarf area, and the Owls from Darnassus for all of my toons on Demon Soul and Darrowmere, plus enough to sell on the Auction House.

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