Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Judge not, lest you be judged........ screw dat, I'm a Judging fool.


Ding! I got a few characters out leveling this weekend, Bloodshrike the original, going from 45 to 47 in a few hours, making him my highest toon ever. Level 50 and 300-375 Engineering and Alchemy are so close I can smell them! I had fun playing him, running some quests in STV to get them out of my quest log. The Stranglethorn hunting quests were fun, I’d gather a bunch of raptors together before setting off a Dense dynamite and a Explosive trap, bringing 6 raptors or so to near death almost instantly. It’s funny, I usually avoid STV while leveling, because there’s usually so much ganking going on there that it’s not fun for me. However, as a level 47, nobody bothered me.

I also got my newest Paladin (Misericorde) out leveling, going from level 22 to 24 just by running from Splintertree Post in Ashenvale to the Zoram Strand, and completing a few quests along the way like The Sacred Flame quest, along with Shadumbra and Ursangous, and the Wrathtail heads along with the escort quest at Zoram Strand. I also went over to Black Fathom Deeps to pick up the Corrupted Kor Gem for my The Blood-Tempered Ranseur , even though I had picked up a better axe from Shadowfang keep when I had someone run me through it to get the the Crate of Bloodforged Ingots.

I haven’t played my paladins since before the patch broke, so this was my first time playing after the patch. I gotta say, I like it! No need to charge seals to get the judgements you want to apply, you just have to have A seal running, and you can judge away every time the cooldown cycles. The way it was before, I’d power up the seal that would weaken enemies toward Holy when they were judged, judge them, and switch to the Seal that gave extra Holy damage. Judgement of Light (JoL) rocks, btw! I’m barely using any mana, since my seals are staying up for 2 minutes, and the only mana output is my judgements every 10 seconds of so. On top of that, I’m always staying at full life easily, since JoL has a chance to proc healing on you too. At level 23, I was able to take down Shadumbra (lvl 28) by myself, with only one use of Solid dynamite and Target Dummy. I could have probably done it without, too, but you might as well use all the resources at your disposal. :)

I got my first HK, too. As I was looking for the Warsong Outrider to the east of Splintertree, I ran into a level 26 gnome mage and level 31 gnome rogue coming up the road. I figured they were about to gank me, so I hit back first. I started judging the mage, while letting off Consecration and a Solid Dynamite, and was able to take out the mage and get the rogue to half health before getting killed. They camped my body, and I wasn’t able to get any more kills off them, while they killed me about 2 more times. But, since I just hit 24, I’ll be equipping my Shining Silver Breastplate with a 100 health enchant, so that’ll give me a lot more health and armor.

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