Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Shield Spike, Shield Spike - Gone


Sonuva!!!! The Thorium Shield Spike recipe was on the AH on Darrowmere, Horde side, and I wasn’t able to get it!!! The seller had put it in there with bid only, and I was at work when it went to short time length. I had checked it that morning with Clockwrkmage, and it was on long status, with my bid of 20g still being current. Ah well, it will pop up again, probably long before I get Wartraveler to level 35. Currently, I’ve gotten Bloodshrike (hunter) to 23, Clockwrkmage to 20, Psilentkill to 20, Wartraveler to 20, Didactylos to 16, and Misericorde to 15 or 16.

Not bad for only playing them for the past few weekends, and having them sit at level 10 for a very long time. The well-rested XP and the increased quest XP is really doing a lot to level you faster these days. A lot of my quests in the Ghostlands go green before I’ve had a chance to go over and do them, so …..I’ve stopped doing them. I’m going to bring the rest of my toons over from Silvermoon, after they’ve each run to get the flightpoints in Tranquillien and Zul’Aman (which I didn’t know about for the past year!!). Then, bring them over to the Barrens, and start leveling them up there.

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