Tuesday, December 23, 2008

What Pet to choose?

Well, Francois reactivated his account for another month, and asked me to make him some more money. I was going to do that, but had to clear out my neutral AH alt first. So, I logged in with his neutral AH alt, and started posting items. The second 20 stack of Truesilver bars (priced at 20 copper) disappeared before I could buy it, and another 10 stack of Essence of Fire was bought up by the same person. Evidently, some level 8 Ally toon was sitting in Booty Bay, searching for items with low bid/buyouts. I bet that little success made him dance for joy……

Since I couldn’t do the transfers I wanted to do, I decided to go out and level Bloodshrike (Darrowmere BElf hunter). She had been sitting at level 23 for a while, and it was time to use up some of that well-rested xp, as well as leveling her pets. I captured Death Flayer (level 11 rare scorpion in Durotar), and I really like the looks of him. I think I’ll keep him, since I don’t see many hunters with a black scorpion with red spots on their claws. I put him in the stable when I went to capture Eche’yakee (sp?), and played with Eech for a while, but he’s too common of a pet.

I think I’ll ditch him, and get my Ghost Saber from Darkshore. Also, the Ghost Saber will be closer to my level, so I won’t have to spend so much time meleeing the mobs to death, since a 8-10 level difference between me and my pet means I grab aggro like that (*snap). I’ll need to level up GavelofPain to 20, so he can start making me some nice leather armor (Barbaric Bracers, Toughened Leather Gloves, and Shadowcat Gloves). Luckily, I won’t need to upgrade my cloak or belt anytime in the next 20 or so levels, since I have the Parachute Cloak with a +12 Agi enchant on it, and the Gnomish Harm Prevention Belt (natch).

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