Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Leveling a few alts


Well, I buckled down over the weekend, and got my Darrowmere rogue Thrillkiller from 11 to 17, clearing out most of the quests in the Ghostlands. I also discovered that there’s a flight point by Zula’Aman, which I had never discovered before. :)

I also took most of Sunday to level my Darrowmere mage Clockwrkmage from 11-20, finally FINALLY unlocking 160-235 level in enchanting (luv the +10 passive BE bonus). Now I can start putting some useful enchants on my toons, and get them to grind out levels faster.

I even found the time to get a run thru WC for my undead twink Annihilus, getting her what equipment I could from WC, while keeping careful watch that I didn’t get to level 20. I was fortunate that Serpent's Shoulders and [Venomstrike] dropped, but I totally regret grinding rep with Tranquillien. I got 2 cloaks [Glowing Lizardscale Cloak] and Sporid Cape], both of which are better than the cloak you get at exalted status with Tranquillien. I should have just come to Xroads at around level 12, and gotten runs thru WC until I got all the drops I needed. Oh well, live and learn.

It will be interesting having a rogue twink, since I’m used to having hunter twinks. I just need to level Jewelcrafting to 150, get some enchants slapped on my equipment, get GavelofPain to level 20 and turn him into a leatherworker to make me a Deviate scale belt, and I’m set. GavelofPain is level 10, btw. In October I’ll have been playing WOW for 2 years, and I’ve gotten only about 8 toons up to the 40ish level. I wonder why…….

I know I overplan stuff, but I’m a very defensive player, and I like to have the best equipment available. I’m actually proud of myself, I didn’t make sure that all my stuff for my level 10’s were enchanted, and I didn’t make the same mistake as I did on Demon Soul, where the toons banks were totally filled with a succession of gear to wear at different levels. Instead, their banks are filled with recipes for their future professions. :)

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