Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Now you see me (poof), now you don't


I’m having Thrillkiller and Aosdanasaoi camp the spider cave in Dustwallow Marsh, on their respective realms. I need Mithril Bars on both accounts, especially since Panzergishi is about to get to level 35, and I’ll need to powerlevel both Engineering and Blacksmithing for him. I have to say, I have a new appreciation for some of the engineering items. The Goblin Death Ray one-shotted a level 37 spider in the cave, doing 1799 damage, which is impressive considering Aosdanasaoi only does about 100 damage per Sinister Strike normally.

Also, while leveling Clockworknyt to 240 Gnome engineering, before respeccing to Goblin, I made about 8 Goblin Cloaking Devices. At level 24, Morticide put one on before doing the dreaded corpse jump run to the demon merchant Vi’el in Winterspring, and had surprising success. I hit it right before the Elite demons noticed me at the outskirts of the canyon, and even without Dash, was able to get to the cave entrance before it wore off and I got killed. I ran back, resurrected, and was able to start camping Vi’el again. The reason it works so well is because it grants TRUE invisibility, not just stealth, like a rogue/druid has. Stealth is level dependent, so if the enemy is higher than you, he’ll most likely see you pretty easily. Invisibility works on any level mob (afaik). It only lasts for 10 seconds, and has a 1 hour cooldown, but it can be worth it in certain situations. That saved me about 2 additional corpse jumps, as well as a savings in armor repair. I need to level Morticide to 26, to get Dash, and see if I can run all the way to the cave before it wears off.

Also, I need to test to see if it works in combat situations, like a Rogue’s Flash Powder, to disengage from combat. It doesn’t say that it can’t be used in combat, so……. watch out for the amazing stealthing Tauren Warrior, coming soon to your neighborhood! You could use it to run up the ramp in Warsong Gulch, grab the flag, hit your Gnomish Harm Prevention belt, and then use Swiftness Potion/Rocket boots to run off the cliff in front. Hit your Parachute Cloak, and you’ll be way ahead of any pursuit.

I suppose I should start leveling in Tanaris, since that’s where Thorium veins spawn. The price of Thorium Bars on the servers have doubled, no doubt in keeping with the massive influx of monies that players are getting from doing their daily quests. Well, I don’t have a 70, and probably won’t have one for a long time. I earn my gold, a bit at a time, just by being good at spotting bargains, and knowing what crafteable items sell for big bucks. Heck, I don’t even use Bottomscanner, since I find my bargains by bidding/buying on stuff for my own characters.

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