Saturday, November 15, 2008

Bubble + Death Ray = Win!

Not much done last night. Panzergishi had picked up the Darkrune Helm schematic for 10 gold yesterday, and immediately flipped it into a 70-80 gold buyout on the AH. It sold! The Darkrune recipes are rewards for turning in items in Tanaris, so I know I’ll get the recipe again. I’m just amused that people don’t look up recipes on Thottbot, to see where they can get them. Kishigishi finally made it over to the spider cave in Dustwallow, after touring the northern part of that zone. I didn’t know that there was another Direhorn Tauren compound north of the spider cave, and Allies have a couple of quests that take you there. Kishi turned level 38 while questing, so I was able to equip her with a level 38 sword that Clock had enchanted with +3 damage. 5 more dps is good, because she had been running around with a level 33 sword for a long time. Looks like my first toon to reach 40 on Daggerspine won’t even pay very much for her mount, since Paladins get the Summon Warhorse spell unlocked at 40. It used to be a long quest, but now you just buy it.

I also found out that if you’re bubbled with Divine Protection, you are immune to damage from the Death Ray. I had figured as much, but I tested it on the rare Darkspinner Widow in the spider cave, and it worked like a charm. Right after that, I tried to use the Gnomish Shrink Ray, but it malfunctioned for the 1st time, and shrunk me instead. No worries though, the Death Ray had taken most of her life, so a few midget slashes and she fell over. The widow has babies inside, though, that swarm out when she’s killed. I Consecrated the ground, and most of them died quickly.

I imagine that this would work the same way for a Warlock, by Sacrificing your Void Walker to become immune to damage for 10 seconds or so, but I haven’t tested what spells you can use while protected.

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