Monday, November 10, 2008

Walk softly and carry a big boomstick!

Lessee, what did I do this weekend? I got Tsuris (shaman) from 170 fishing up to level 200 fishing, just off of the 3 pools off the pier at Southshore in Hillsbrad. During that time, I had collected about 43 Oily Blackmouth, 30 Firefin Snappers, 18 bolts of wool cloth, 7 bolts of silk cloth, 7 Heavy leather, and about 13 Medium leather. I think I’ll have all my characters end up there for some fishing time when they’re doing the flight point run from the Wetlands to Arathi Highlands to Southshore. I also powerleveled Hangfire to about 210 Engineering while in Stormwind. I just need to finish getting him to 225, so he can use the Parachute Cloak and the Spellpower Xtreme goggles. It’s much, much easier than having to run all the way from Tinkertown to the Great Forge and back in Ironforge, every 10 levels or so.
I also got my last miner alt Kishigishi (paladin) to Thelgen Rock, so she can level up her mining to 155, be able to powerlevel to 175 with gold ore, and then she’ll be able to mine and smelt Mithril ore. I also traveled to Ironforge first, to pick up the level 20 paladin quest Tome of Redemption? This has you getting items from BRD, SFK, VC, and the northern ogres of Dun Modr, to make a really nice weapon. I’m glad I got it now, so I can knock it out when I finally get around to getting a pickup group for VC.
I decided to do the traveling quests Kiera Longears and The Corruption Abroad for Ryoushigishi (hunter), since he needed to go to Darkshore to get the Ghost Sabre I’ve been wanting. Find Treasure does make finding the Cat Figurines SO much easier. I think I’ll come back here with Ryo when Doomslinger (my NE hunter twink hits 19, so she can tame a level 19 Ghost Sabre to use in Battlegrounds. I figure it’ll be a lot easier to clear the area around the cat figurines with Ryo, then quickly log out and log back in with Doom. I’d just have to buff up a lot, because the lvl 20 Ghost Sabre I was taming hurt me plenty. Well, that was my fault, I thought I had gotten rid of my trash pet, but I just dismissed it. I didn’t find that out until the tame was complete, which kinda sux. So, I had to freeze trap the Sabre, and work on healing myself a little bit.
I decided to name the cat DarkGhostnss, because it actually is a longer phrase then just one word. Since the Ghost is in the middle of the word, it’s actually “Ghost in the Darkness.” You could do the same with DeepURwater. The U R (you are) is in the middle, so “You are in deep water.” Water, trouble……make up whatever suits you. I’ve seen the screenshots on Petopia when you put the pet on Prowl, and the cat really does become translucent. That’ll be cool with the NE hunter twink, because her racial talent is Shadowmeld, so she can stay invisible if she stays in the same place. Maybe I’ll make a macro to cast both Shadowmeld and prowl, and my hunter and pet will disappear from anyone looking for her. Then, come out of invisibility to attack!
While Ryo was in Ashenvale, I picked up the 2 traveling quests to Forest Soul (the other ally town in Ashenvale), and used Aspect of the Cheetah to speed over there. When I was passing Splintertree Post, a Horde NPC guard came out to attack my pet, since it was trailing me. I figured once I got far enough away, the pet would auto-dismiss itself, and I could just whistle to get it back by me. That didn’t happen. Instead, I was attacked by a level 29 Tauren Warrior (Ryo is level 25) who was running along the path. I would have been content to live and let live, but he didn’t believe in that idea. I started meleeing him, since he had closed to the dead zone, then I used a Big Iron bomb to stun him and used Aspect of the Cheetah to run away. I was going to continue running, when I noticed he had resurrection sickness. I was like “Y’know what? You brought this on yourself!” So I ran back to the warrior, and 3 shotted him to death. I continued on to Forest Song, turned in the 2 quests, got the traveling quest to the Warsong Ally camp (Report from the Front is the name of the quest I think), and headed back towards the entrance from the Barrens. As I was passing Splintertree post, I found a level 27 Warlock coming towards me. I decided to not take chances, and quickly burned him down.
Oh, while Ryo was in Ashenvale, he did the First Mate Threshwackonator quest, since I figured my pet could distract the elite lvl 20 robot that you have to lead back to his master, and suddenly decides to attack you. Well, they changed it in the patch, and it’s now only a level 20 normal mob now. He didn’t stand a chance.

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