Tuesday, November 11, 2008

There's Arcanite in them thar hills!

A guild member really wants to get an arcanite rod without paying 6 quarts of blood to have it made, so I decided to powerlevel my Horde Warrior Bullkathos from 225 to 275 Blacksmithing, so I could make it for him. I imagine he’s shocked at the prices of Arcanite Bars, which have gone from about 10-12 gold to about 17-25 gold. Since 3 are needed for the Arcanite Rod, that’s pretty pricey. So, I decided to powerlevel my level 36 Warrior to 275 Blacksmithing. This is an expensive process, and I probably missed some skill points I could have used when I would be making items for the Specialization quests. Oh well. Tons of Mithril and Thorium Bars used……tons.

I started off with making as many Inlaid Mithril Cyclinders as I could, so I could squeeze every last skill point out of them. I made about 27+, and then it was taking too long for each skillup after that, so I switched to Mithril Shield spikes at BS lvl 242. That boosted me to 249, and I made 1 Mithril Spur to get me to lvl 250 BS. Dense Grinding stones took me to 260, and I think I made about 12 Mithril Spurs to get me to 267 BS. After that I switched to Thorium Belts, because I was out of Mithril Bars, and had a lot of Thorium Bars I had saved. Those take 12 Thorium Bars and 4 Red Power Crystals, so if you’re powerleveling, and happen to compare Mithril to Thorium, you can usually get them for about the same price. I picked up about 30+ Red Power Crystals from the AH for about 4 gold, and started crafting.

I ran out of Thorium at 274 BS, and the recipe went yellow, so I’ll pick it up tomorrow and get the last skill point by making Thorium Bracers, which are still orange to me. Those require 12 Thorium Bars and 4 Blue Power Crystals, but none were in the AH, so I couldn’t do it. Luckily, one of my guild members was on, so he said he’d go to Un’Goro and pick some up. So once I get to 275 BS, I’ll stay there, and just get some skillups from making Arcanite Rods.

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