Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Dropping a Deuce in Mats...

Booyaka! I did some grinding and questing with my Horde warrior, and I got from level 32 to level 36 this weekend. I cleared out all the 1k Needles quests, including the ones from the goblin camp in the salt flats. Once I hit level 35, I dropped mining and took up engineering. I powerleveled that during most of Sunday afternoon. It wasn’t difficult to powerlevel, it’s just that it requires so many mats. I had all the mats too, they were just scattered across my toons, so I’d have to write down what I needed, and get it from my other characters. It definitely does pay off to scan the AH for bargains, because I was able to get quite a few levels off of making Sniper Scopes, using the Star Rubies I had collected from the AH. I also made 4 Mechanical Dragonlings and Parachute Cloaks, so Morticide/Kukoshakaku/Thrillkiller will have them when they level high enough to use them. I made a World enlarger, which is extremely funny to watch, since Taurens are normally the biggest characters in the game, and you shrink when you use it. It’s nice because it isn’t soulbound, so it can be traded around to all your toons if you wanted too. I figured he wouldn’t need the Gnomish Harm Prevention belt, since a warrior needs to be hit to gain Rage.

Whew! My characters feel 10 pounds lighter…..I went through a ton of mats, and made space in both Thrillkiller and Bullkathos’ banks by doing so. After I boosted Bull to level 300 Engineering, I did my level 35 cooking quest, clearing Thrill out of some cooking mats he had been holding onto for a long time. Since I was already in Gadgetzan, I decided to run along the coastline to Dustwallow Marsh, and talk to Nat Pagle to get the level 35 fishing quest. Well, that’s level 35 and 225 Fishing skill REQUIRED, so I wasn’t able to pick it up. I had just swum to the island and charged out of the water at an Ally lvl 34 hunter, and while I got flustered, I did manage to beat him down, finishing him off with a High-Explosive bomb to the face. I bet he didn’t expect a Tauren Warrior to be using Engineering! I have 219 fishing, so I logged out, and will log back in to level my fishing today, if they let us off of work early. I have to admit, it was fun to be the aggressor, and the victor, instead of the one being ganked.

With that in mind, I also made the Gnomish Mind Control Cap, and the Gnomish Cloaking Device. Why? I normally wouldn’t care about the cloaking device, as 10 seconds of invisibility isn’t enough to really do much. However, if you make a macro to equip the Mind Control Cap/Cloaking Device/Swift boots (the leatherworking ones with a run charge, not the engineering ones that blow up occasionally), you could hit one button to equip all 3 of those items at the same time, wait for the cooldown, then hit the button to use the Swift Boots/Cloaking Device, you could turn invisible and run over to the enemy. Once you’re there, Mind Control them and send them into a pack of monsters. You might want to hit them with a ranged attack after you controlled them to attack all the monsters in the group, so you would get credit for the kill. A unique way of ganking, I’d imagine. All you’d need to do that for a Rogue/Cat druid would be the Mind Control Cap, but that’s why I like Engineering, because it gives you access to abilities that other classes possess. I suppose you could use a Swiftness potion instead of using the boots, but the Swift Boots are unlimited use, you just have to wait for the cooldown.

I logged into my Ally account to check the AH, and logged into each of my characters to check their mail. It’s funny, almost all of my Ally toons have about 50-60 gold, with some approaching 100 gold. I have nothing left to spend it on. I’ve gotten all the recipes that I’m going to get from the AH, and almost all the mats needed to get all my characters to level 300 engineering, once they each hit lvl 35. I do need to stock up on Thorium bars for my alchemist though, as well as for leveling engineering.

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