Monday, November 10, 2008

Making a list of quests to do

Not much done last night. Tsuris finished up the Dark Threat looms quest on the dam by Thelsamar, and knocked out Mercenaries and Chok’sul at the same time. With a level 26 shaman engineer, lvl 19-20 elites aren’t much of a problem. Now he’s back in Stormwind, waiting to get all the VC quests.
In Thelgen Rock, Kishigishi is stuffed full to the brim, but she’s still only 152 mining, and I don’t want to go out until I get to 155 mining. However, there is a vendor situated in the middle of the map, so I could go sell stuff to him, and come back for more. Some of those spider remains (like palp) can add up to quite a bit. Besides, I want to be level 25 when I get to Menethil Harbor, so I can take the wounded soldiers quest to Dun Modr when I’m running thru to get the flight points. After that, it’s back to Thelsamar, to do Dark Threat Looms, Mercenaries, and Chok’sul, because her paladin quest needs an item from the ogres.
Then, on to Auberdine with the 2 traveling quests (Corruption Abroad and Kiera Longears), and run down to Ashenvale to get an item from the elite naga in BFD. I’ll probably take the Wrathtail head and Ruzuul quests first, so I can knock out a few while I’m over there. Then, take the 2 traveling quests to Forest Song, take 1 down to the border of the Barrens, and warp back home. I figure I should knock out the Deadmines before trying SFK, since it’s Horde territory, and I’m going to be trying it by myself. I’ll probably be level 30 by the time I get there, knowing how I run things.

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