Monday, November 10, 2008

Return of the Prodigal Druid

Preyonyou (my Draenai Priest) is now level 24, and happily tucked away in Thelgen Rock, so I can log on and do a quick sweep thru the cave every few hours, killing all the spiders and getting all the chests and ore. I’m going to do that with all my miners once they powerlevel to 140, so they can easily achieve 155 mining, and be able to powerlevel again.
I finally brought my Horde druid Morticide back from Winterspring. I had been keeping him there to buy Felcloth (80 silver) and Gromsblood (10 silver) from the demon merchant Vi’el, and figured I had enough. Felcloth doesn’t spawn very often, so by the time I got 24 Felcloth, I had gotten 140 Gromsblood. That should sell for a good amount on the AH, if I don’t decide to use all of it for leveling my 2nd Alchemist Bonescourge, once he hits level 35.

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