Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Faction Specific Recipes and Corpse Running

Tips for Horde Players only - Want to get the Red Whelp Glove or Herbalism Glove pattern for your leatherworker? You could check the neutral AH every day, or leave an alt there so you don’t have to waste time getting there….or you could post on player forums to trade favors with another Horde player on another server. Once you’ve agreed to make the trade(s), how are you going to make the money to buy the recipes? Easy, it’s Mining! Best place to start a miner is Stormwind (Human starting zone). Do a couple of quests to get some money to buy a mining pick, and get to pickin’! A LOT of the Copper veins around Stormwind are set back in the hills, so you won’t grab aggro like you would by Ironforge, with most of the veins being patrolled by beasts. Some people will disagree, but hey, do what you’re comfortable with. All right, now you’ve gotten a few 20 stacks of copper ore, go sell it on the AH for a decent discount over the rest of the postings on there. Don’t forget to check both Copper Ore and Copper Bars to see which has a smaller supply/higher posting price, and smelt the Copper if you need to. Ok, now you have a few Gold, how are you going to get the recipes? If you’re lucky, they’ll be on the Auction House. If not, see below.
The Red Whelp Glove pattern is sold in the Wetlands, north of Ironforge. If you’re human, jump on the tram to Ironforge, run out of the city to Khaz Modan, and jump OFF the dam to your death. You’ll be taken to the Spirit Healer that’s in the middle of the Wetlands, so resurrect at that healer, and get ready to do a lot of corpse hopping. Keep running (and dying) and resurrecting by your body to get to the small encampment at tloc XX,YY in the Wetlands. Wenna has that pattern on sale often, so if you don’t see it immediately, log out for a bit, and it’ll be there the next time you come back.
Ok, now you’ve got the Red Whelp pattern, so go and get killed one more time. Bam! No more resurrecting for a while. Now it’s time to do what Mania detailed in her Mania’s Arcania blog, which is Corpse Traveling. Stay as a spirit, and take the road to Menethil Harbor. Get on the boat which comes to the northwest dock, not the one closest to shore. This boat takes you to Auberdine, in Darkshore. I think you get resurrected when you change zones on the boat, so get the flight point in Auberdine, and get killed close to town. The Rez point is a bit north of Auberdine, so you might as well get killed early, and not have to run the same path 2 times.

Runnnnnnn your happy butt south, still in spirit form, and keep on going on the road until you get to the Ally camp Astranaar in Ashenvale. Log out, and log back in, and resurrect at the Spirit Healer in town. If you don’t log out, you’ll be resurrected at the Spirit Healer in the Wetlands, since that’s the one closest to your body. Learn it, know it, love it! This Corpse Traveling trick can allow you to get to towns/areas in contested/enemy territory very easily, as long as you know where the Spirit Healer is. Anyways, now that you’ve resurrected at the Spirit Healer in town, run back west along the road until the road curves to the right (north). At that point, you’ll want to go south to the Shrine of Aessina. Hug the southwest mountain until you come to a hunter trainer, a pet trainer, and a herbalism supplier at tloc XX,YY. Be prepared to corpse hop a lot, because that path is patrolled by lvl 20+ spiders and wolves. I can almost guarantee you that the recipe will be in stock at the herbalism supplier, so pick it up, and hit your hearthstone. Bam! Back at your starting area by Stormwind. Start running south, and you’ll get killed soon enough once you hit Duskwood. Stay in spirit form, keep running south thru Duskwood, and you’ll get into Stranglethorn Vale. Run to Booty Bay, which is the southernmost tip of STV, and run to the entrance/exit of Booty Bay. The Spirit Healer is right outside the door, but remember to log out first, so you don’t get yanked back to where you first got killed. Whew! Set up a meeting time with your Horde buddy who did the same thing for you, and get ready to enjoy your Ally only recipes.

Red Whelp Gloves sell well (15-20 gold each) on Horde AH, but you’re going to have to have a skinner alt at least level 25+, because you’re going to have to go to the Wetlands to kill Red Whelp Dragonlings for the Red Whelp scales. I’ve only seen them on the AH three times on 2 servers, in about a year, and I scan for the word “whelp” pretty regularly. Herbalist gloves don’t sell as well on the Horde AH, perhaps most Herbalists are Taurens, with a passive +15 to herbalism. I’m not sure why not, because with a +5 herbalism enchant on the gloves (total +10 herbalism), you can pick herbs that were red to you before.

Anyway, this can also be used by Ally players to build up some starting capital as well, by using an alt. Send an alt down to Booty Bay after he’s collected about 5-10 of each recipe, and post 1 of each recipe for 24 hours. You’re not always going to sell during that time, but a lot of time you will. I’d recommend 4-6 gold for the Herbalist pattern, and 7-9 gold for the Red Whelp Gloves pattern. The reason I advise not posting a bunch is because people mentally downgrade a recipe if they see a bunch of it, even if it’s from the same person. “Aww, it can’t be that hard to get!” If they only see one of those items, even if they see it’s a White (vendor) recipe, and they see that it’s one that they don’t know, Kachingg!!

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