Friday, November 14, 2008

Monopoly - spelled I B M

Whew, I discovered a handy little trick last night! I took Ryoushigishi down to the Deadmines to knock out the quests outside the instance, and see how far a lvl 30 hunter can solo inside the instance. I didn’t get that accomplished, though. You know why? The Defias Miners outside the instance are lvl 15-17 normal mobs, and they drop a lot of good stuff! My first pass through, I ended up with 12 Coarse Stone, 15 Copper Ore, 6 Tin Ore, 1 Iron Ore, 3 Heavy Stone, 3 stacks of linen cloth, 2 stacks of Wool Cloth, and a few green items to send to my disenchanter. If I had a miner, I could have gotten even more Ore and Stones, but Ryo is a skinner. I’ll have to try this with Aosdanasaoi, and pickpocket groups of the mobs before I wipe them out with fast and furious dagger strikes. I did this once, hearthed back to drop off my loot, and flew back to Sentinel Hill to attempt it again, because my blacksmith Panzergishi can’t get enough Coarse Stone to keep up with the demand for Golden Rods, as well as the other twink armor he can make. The drop rate of Coarse Stone from Tin veins is very low, maybe about 1 in 6 tries. These miners were dropping them 5 at a time! I need to find an equivalent for Horde toons. Maybe the cave where you get the Miner’s Emerald and the pages of the Samophlange Manual for NPC’s in Ratchett would be a good place to do it.

As I was flying back to Sentinel Hill, a lvl 70 mage was posting that he was bored, and willing to run people thru Deadmines for free. I said heck yeah!, and tucked Ryo into the inn there for safekeeping, while I logged onto my lvl 17 NE hunter Doomslinger, a future twink. I had been run through as far as the ship before, but our runner, a lvl 40 Warlock, died and didn’t want to continue running. So, she’s been sitting in Stormwind, serving as a food material mule. I quickly switched around bags to make her battle ready, mailed whatever extras to another toon, and flew to Sentinel Hill. That mage, using lvl 1 Arcane explosion, was able to run VC in about 15 minutes, just hampered by the fact that we looted everything. We finished up with full bags, and the mage offered to run again. I said yes, and logged onto Preyonyou, my lvl 26 Priest. We got through everything, and I got some blue items, but since she was high level for the instance, nothing really was an upgrade. Even the staff that drops near the end was kind of a little below what I had equipped, especially since I had +3 Intellect on it. But, I was glad to get it done. That’s two more toons all the way through VC, bringing the group to 4. Kishigishi, Tsuris, Preyonyou, and Doomslinger. Doomslinger was my main concern, as I didn’t want to gain too much XP, and ding over to level 20. I only leveled to 18, so I have plenty of room to play with. I’ll turn in the Defias instance quests, maybe do the Wilder Thistlenettle undead miner quests outside the instance, and I should be ready to go to Darkshore for my Ghost saber. I will keep PigglyWiggly though, until I can get one of those armored boars from RFK or RFD in Southern Barrens. The Ghost Saber would match Doomslinger though, since she’s a tall, lean Night Elf with white hair, and the Ghost Saber is a lean cat that is translucently silver/gray.

Oooh, ooh! I stumbled across something that will get me to focus my efforts on leveling Ryoushigishi. I saw the Sniper Scope schematic on the AH for 60-80g, and after much consideration (about 2 seconds worth, lol), I bought it. I had Ryo buy it because duh, he’s my highest hunter, and will need scopes pretty regularly. Once I get him to level 35, I will be able to mess with another facet of Daggerspines economy, the scope industry! Sniper scopes are on there for 8.5 gold, everyday. On Demon Soul, I’m having Bullkathos post 1 for 20-30 gold for 48 hours, while Bloodshrike posts a few for 16-18 gold, and it’s turned out to be successful. I’ll do the same to Daggerspine once I get the chance to powerlevel Engineering. Mwaahahahaha!!!!!! (Be wary of anyone ending a sentence in multiple exclamation marks, I learned that from the Battlefield: Earth Decology by L.Ron Hubbard).

I’ve been buying Star Rubies for about 1 to 1.25 gold for a while now, so I have a bunch saved up and ready to be used.

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