Saturday, November 15, 2008

Turn left here for Expert First Aid, and go 60 yards. You have arrived at your destination.

I flew Kishi back over to Arathi Highlands to turn in the Witherbark Troll quest items, then I went over to Northfold Manor to take out the Syndicate Highwaymen and Mercenaries. Using Trade Junkie, it said that a vendor in Stromgarde Keep had the First Aid books, and since I’ve powerleveled all my Daggerspine toons to at least 125 First Aid, I went over and picked up 10 of the books. I got killed by 3 level 35+ Horde toons there, but luckily I was able to resurrect thru the wall, right in the area that the Scroll vendor Deneb Walker is in. I rezzed in the protected area, got my books, and hearthed back to Ironforge. I love Trade Junkie, because it tells you what toons on your account already know the recipes you can buy in the area you’re in. It also lists them if they’re future prospects for that recipe as well.

On Sunday, I also tried to get Sansetsukon on my Demon Soul account to get the Lucky Fishing Hat in the STV fishing extravaganza. No dice. I got camped by a level 19 rogue twink, and while I could take him and win, there was also another Ally hunter that was level 45, and he would come up and auto shot me to death if it looked like I was winning. I should just forget about the hat, since I already have the Green-Eyed goggles, which give me +8 Stamina and Spirit anyway. I went to the trouble of making him into a twink, so I’m going to win some WSG battles with him, before I even think of making him into a regular toon.

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