Monday, November 10, 2008

Decisions, decisions

I ran my druid out to Azshara again this weekend, because people can’t seem to get enough of the Blue Dragonscale Shoulders recipe on Daggerspine. It sells for 2 gold from the goblin vendor at the lighthouse, and I started out selling it at 20-25 gold. However, even the one I posted at 30-40 gold sold out, so that’s going to be my new post price. The vendor also sells the Chimeric gloves recipe for 1.2 gold, and that’ll usually sell for 7-10 gold.
I also decided to work on my Draenai Shaman a bit more, so I ran him down Darkshore to turn in “Onu”, and to do the narcoleptic druid escort quest. I also found the “Bathran’s Hair” quest at Maestra’s post that I hadn’t done with my Rogue while she was running to Astranaar, so I did it with the Shaman. Pretty easy, since the plant bundles respawn on the edges quickly.
I had bid on another Parachute Cloak I saw on the AH, and ended up getting it for 1 gold, which is a lot less than the cost of the mats involved. I wanted to give all of these cloaks nice enchants, so they’d last me a while, but it appears that there’s not much that I can give them. According to Wowwiki, Cloak enchants fall into 3 categories: Armor, resistances, and Agility. Armor and Agility aren’t very helpful to caster types like my priest/warlock/mage, so I’ll either give them resist all enchants, or maybe fire resist. For my druid/warrior/shaman/paladin, I’ll give them 50 armor, since they’re mainly tanking characters. I’ll probably only give my rogue a +3 Agility enchant, but I’m going to splurge on my hunter, and get him the +12 agility enchant. That cloak will last him for a long time, since it has +8 agility inherent already.
I need to powerlevel engineering on my druid and shaman, and then all of my engineering characters will be maxed at 225 (240 for the gnomes), and be able to wear the Parachute Cloaks. I can’t wait for someone to chase me off the cliff at the edge of Southern Barrens, and they splat into the canyon of 1k Needles, while I float over to one of the rock pillars and get to laugh at them.
On my Horde account, I’m still undecided as to if I want to keep Blacksmithing on my Rogue, or give it up for engineering. Should the rogue be a BS/Miner, a BS/Engineer, or a Engineer/Miner? My Warrior is now a Blacksmith, but he’s going to end up an armorsmith, and I was kinda hoping to make the Rogue a swordsmith. I suppose I could leave him as a Blacksmith/Miner, and supply him with EZ-Thro dynamite II, but what about stealthing up to an enemy player while wearing the Mind Control Cap, and forcing them to fall off a cliff? The Gnomish Harm Prevention Belt would increase his survivability against Elites, as well as the high level bombs and target dummies.

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