Saturday, November 15, 2008

Engineering = 2, Rogues = 0

Kishi and Ryo tag teamed on the Mudrock turtles in Dustwallow last night. Kishi needed the forked tongues, so I’d kill about 5 of them, then log, and Ryo would come in and skin them. Kishi (lvl 37) was able to take out 2 level 37 Horde Rogues last night, using her engineering skills. The first one I encountered right by the tower that they need to go to for the Dawnrunner cargo and crewmate, and he put up a bit of a fight. But, after I bubbled and healed, and used a dense dynamite, he went down. The next one was just down the trail, posting by a tree. I used my chicken/dragonling/Death ray macro to activate both my pets at once, and they helped take him down quickly. The first rogue had come back by then, but I posted right by the camp of Theramore guards, and he would just sneak in to sap me, then back away. I tried Consecrating the ground to reveal him, but no dice. I need to make stealth detection goggles, because it seems that rogues are the hardest class for paladins to defend against. Either that, or activate a different aura, so they get hurt/unstealthed when they touch me. I’ll have to put all my headgear on my action bars, so I can easily switch between them. Maybe a macro? First selection would be the CatsEye goggles for stealth detection (hunters wouldn’t need it, since they have Flare), second would be the goblin mining helmet, and third would be the Deepdive helmet for when I need to grind in the water.
/equipsequence CatsEye Goggles, Goblin Mining Helmet, Deepdive Helmet.
The Goblin Rocket helmet should have its own spot on the Action Bars, so I can hit it once to equip it, then it’ll show the 30 second cooldown, then hit it again to use it.

After I took out the 2 rogues, I went on to the Inn by the entrance to the Barrens, and picked up the 3 quests there, as well as Hungry! from the neutral NPC by Brackenwall village. That way I can get the Mirefin heads while I’m getting the Murloc sword for Jarl. I always like to have quests that sequence together, so I don’t have to run across the map again. After I got the 3 quests from the Burning Inn, I hearthed back, and turned them in to Commander Vimes (evidently someone at Blizzard is a Discworld fan).
Kishi is now ready to head into the spider cave in Dustwallow, get the 20 unpopped spider eyes, and powerlevel her mining to 230+ by mining the Mithril and Iron veins in there.

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