Saturday, November 15, 2008

Garfield the Cat says "Hit them back first!"

Hehe, I had some fun with engineering this weekend. I powered Kishigishi up to 286 engineering, and now I’m only waiting for Ryoushigishi to hit level 35 and make some Truesilver Transformers, so Kishi can make a bunch of Goblin Jumper Cables XL. Those things usually are on the AH for like 80-90 gold, and it’s not that expensive for the materials, I believe. With Kishi’s +5 mining enchant on her gloves, and the +5 on the Goblin Mining Helmet, it’s an instant +10 boost to mining, great for digging up a higher level ore.

I must say that it’s fun to level up Goblin engineering, and play around with all the goblin only BOP devices. The Goblin Mining Helmet is a actually a very nice helm for its level, offering 15 stamina in a mail helm. More stamina than the Green Iron Helmet, so I’m using it exclusively now. The Goblin Rocket Helmet looks like a grayish version of the Deepdive Helmet, but it’ll be fun to use it to charge up on Horde, who are not expecting paladins to have ranged attacks. The Goblin Bomb dispenser doesn’t do a lot of damage (around 300+), but it’s essentially an infinite bomb supply. With the Goblin Mortar, I could have 3 AOE bomb blasts going on during a fight. Lead off with the Goblin mortar at super long range, charge up to the enemy with the Rocket Helmet, stun them for 30 seconds (and stun myself for a few), use a dense dynamite, and finish it off with the bomb dispenser, which will probably spawn and blow up instantly, much like an Explosive Sheep. If I had attacked a bunch of people with my first attack, and they just grouped up around me to beat me down, this would help a lot. Of course, I could use my Goblin Dragon Gun to flame a bunch of them to death, since it does 60 damage per second for 10 seconds=600 damage in a cone, if they’re not smart enough to run away. So many choices, so few enemies to try them on….. :)

Ryo had something similar to the above scenario happen to him. I was doing a few easy turn-in quests in Duskwood, then headed down to get the flight point at the northern point of STV. I picked up the cooking pot quest to turn-in at Booty Bay, and found I hadn’t gotten the flight master there. So, I found a Hordie, got killed intentionally, and ghost ran down the shoreline. I got to the Spirit Healer, logged, logged back in, and got the flight point there. I also picked up the quest to check out the Nessingwary hunter’s camp, so I flew back to the top of STV, and ran down to the camp. A level 31 orc shaman, and a level 32 BE hunter were in the camp, and so I hit back first, and sent DarkGhstness to occupy the shaman. I quickly finished them off, dropping a Dense dynamite to hurt both of them, and letting off my Mechanical Dragonling to distract them. The Shaman went down first, even though he healed a couple of times, and then I turned my attention to the hunter. Concentrated shots and arcane shots took him down, his pet did negligible damage to me, so I sat down to eat and get my Well-fed buff. No such luck, as the shaman had come from the graveyard just across the river, and was attacking me again. I took most of his health, and then a passing rogue knifed him in the back, and he was gone.

I also played Horde this weekend, surprisingly. I logged in to find that I had parked Thrillkiller in the inn at Stonard (Swamp of Sorrows), and he was camping the alchemy and trade supply vendors for a few rarely seen recipes. I accepted the available quests for the area, and then ran out of the camp and headed north, to the hills. I found a few Mithril and Iron veins, but not enough to really make this area a great place for leveling mining. I think either the Darkmist spider cave in Dustwallow Marsh or the Drywhisker Gorge cave in the Arathi Highlands are the best areas for powerleveling from 180-220+ in Mining.

I had fun with my engineering trinkets though. As I was killing the crocolisks in the swamp, my lvl 39 rogue found a level 41 NE druid doing the same thing. I couldn’t have him taking my kills, so I snuck up on him, used a Cheapshot, used those 2 points to lower his defense, used a Dense dynamite, then stabbed him to death. I kept him on /target, and just kept hitting it every so often. I continued killing crocolisks, fading back into stealth after every kill. Whaddaya know, he popped back up again. This time I waited until he was done killing a crocolisk, then used my Gnomish Shrink Ray to shrink him down. Stab stab, and another honor kill. A little while later, I noticed a red name in the air again, so I stealthed, waited until he was about half health from fighting a crocolisk, then popped him with my Death Ray. 800 damage to him, a negligible amount of damage to me, and another HK. I decided to leave him alone, since I had gotten all my unprepared crocolisk flanks, and went do to the shore to fish for the last fish in my fishing quest. I got it, turned in my flanks to the Orc outpost by the coast, and went back to Stonard. I hearthed back to TB to drop off stuff in my bank and resupply, then flew to Dustwallow Marsh to camp the spider cave there.

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