Saturday, November 15, 2008

Shut up before I crush you with my wallet!

I played Bloodshrike again last night! This is some kind of a record for him, being taken out more than once in a month. I saw I had the Dawnrunner’s cargo, and the Spy’s report from the grave by the Hermit on Witch Hill, so I flew back to Dustwallow to turn them in. Since I was there, I decided to do the travel quest to Tabetha’s farm, and kill Deadmire. A level 40 horde warrior just killed Deadmire, so I wasted some time by zapping crocolisks and killing spiders/windserpents for the guy in Tabetha’s cabin. After Deadmire respawned, I took him down, then did the travel quest to Beazil’s Wreck. Those 2 quests are easy, and kinda fun. That leads to a travel quest to Rustsprocket, the new neutral town in Dustwallow, so I went there to turn it in, and get the flight point.

I also came up with a new macro last night. I know you can’t switch out trinkets while you’re in combat, but you can do it right before combat, if you’re quick enough.
/cast Mechanical Dragonling (just add in Mithril or Arcanite, if that’s what you have equipped)
/cast Gnomish Battle Chicken
/equip Gnomish Death Ray
I don’t know if I need to have /stopcasting, but the macro does work. You call out 2 attack pets, and have the Death Ray starting its 30 second equip cooldown before you even get into battle. If you want to, you can even have it equip 2 new trinkets if you can set it up for the specific slots, but this is a pretty easy macro. I like having the chicken on my second trinket slot, since it only has a 20 minute cooldown, so any new trinket you right click to equip will go into your first trinket slot, and not interfere with the chicken.
(Edit 11/14/08) - The macro won't work anymore, since a later patch changed it so you could only have ONE mechanical trinket attack pet out at a time. I imagine that applies to the Goblin Bomb Dispenser as well.

Funnily enough, my blacksmiths are now my toons with the biggest wallets. Usually blacksmiths can’t find customers for the items they sell, since you can usually find a lot better as green drops from monsters. But, making Arcanite rods/Shining Silver Breastplates/Green Iron Hauberks will give you a lot of cash, pretty quickly. I now have about 1300 gold on my level 41 Tauren Warrior blacksmith Bullkathos, and I just got about 1200 gold on my level 24 Dwarf Warrior Blacksmith Panzergishi. I usually check to see what available recipes there are for Panzer when I log on, then I check to see what the epic and Blue recipes are going for. Well, I found an epic recipe (Khorium Longsword I think) for 100-150 gold, and when I looked at Auctioneer, I saw it usually went for about 700-800 gold. So, I bought it, and put it back on the AH for 600-700 gold. I logged in last night to see Panzer’s gold go from about 589 gold to about 1200 gold. That’s the biggest sale I’ve ever had!!! I’m used to getting about 80 gold for each Arcanite Rod, but that was an incredible rush to see my gold double overnight. Granted, I had paid 150 gold for it, but I still made about 400 gold profit on it.

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