Monday, November 10, 2008

All dressed up, and nothing to craft

Preyonyou is now level 25, and back at Stormwind, ready to blow thru Westfall and get all the VC quests, once she’s built up some well-rested bonus. I finally got her to 155 mining (so I can mine Gold), and then ran her up to Dun Modr to turn in the “A Dark Threat Looms” quest. Since I was close, I decided to run across Arathi and Hillsbrad, so I could unlock the waypoints, and pick up some free experience for discovering areas. Surprisingly, I didn’t die. I usually get ganked by level 30+ players in Arathi, or attract attention from monsters, or get killed by the enemy patrols on the road.

I really love the Find Fish tracking, especially since they’ve changed the graphics of the pools of fish. Before, it was a static pool, showing the ring shape until you fished it empty. Now, it ripples and disappears for a second or two. It’s easy to miss when you’re on a dock, or running down the shoreline. It was really helpful to find the pools of fish off the docks at Menethil Harbor, while I was waiting for a boat.
I’ve decided to get 2x +12 Agility to Cloak enchants for the Parachute Cloaks for Aosdanasaoi (Rogue) and Ryoushigishi (Hunter), it just sucks because I know that the Darkmoon Faire has Motes for 16 silver each now. This means the Primal Airs I want would only cost me 1.6 gold, instead of the 17-20 gold they’re going for on Daggerspine. But, what else am I going to spend the gold on? I have tons of mats for high level recipes that I can’t even make yet, the recipes themselves that I can’t learn yet, and I’ve bought/found all the mats for the stuff I can make at my level. Waaaa….feel sorry for me. :)

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