Tuesday, November 11, 2008

....altoholic urges rising......

Woo7!!!! My last toon on Horde side Demon Soul is now an Engineer! I had been wanting to give my Leatherworker shaman Kukoshakaku engineering, but his bags and bank were packed too full of mats for leatherworking (along with armor/weapons he’d have to level to use). So, I leveled him from 21-25 this weekend, cleared out some room, and powerleveled him to 225 engineering. I also leveled his fishing from 140-175 while I was in Tarren Mill, since I had to go over there for the shaman quest “Call of Water.” I was trying to get the Thick Murloc armor recipe from the tradesman there, but it never spawned, even though Thottbot said it would. So, I had Sansetsukon get it from the leatherworking supplies vendor in Booty Bay, since Sansetsukon is stationed there to try to sell off Deviate Scale belt recipes to Ally players. I finished off Kuko’s well-rested XP while running to the Horde camp in 1k Needles, since I hadn’t gotten the Barbaric Leggings recipe yet, and it’s a pretty good item to make.
Speaking of leatherworking, I maxed out Tsuris’s Leatherworking at 225 on Daggerspine. I realized that I’d want to make 7 Dusky Belts, since they’re used in the Gnomish Harm Prevention belt recipe, and I have 7 toons that can wear leather. Now I just have to level up Kishigishi to level 35, so she can use them to top out her engineering to get to 240, so she can get the Deathray and Gnomish chicken recipes from the Gnomish trainer, and then dump engineering, level it back up to 200, and click on the book at Narain Soothfancy’s house at Steamwheedle Port. That will let me take up my end goal of Goblin engineering. I’m not sure if I’ll do this for Clockworknyt, since the Chicken doesn’t seem to do much. I’ll have to see if the Deathray rocks some socks against other players, or if I should not even bother making it.
Other items of note: I picked up the Robes of Arcana recipe for 15 gold and the Shadow Hood recipe for 8 gold with Preyonyou, my Draenai Priest tailoring alt. Robes of Arcana are used for a Warlock quest, so they’re always in demand. The Shadow Hood recipe isn’t blue, but I’ve only seen it twice, because it seems to be a rare drop. It’s a very nice hood that gives 11 intellect and +shadow damage to lvl 27? Cloth wearers, so it would be perfect for Warlocks and Shadow Priests. Warlocks especially, because I always pull with Shadow bolt, and immediately put 2 DOT shadow words on the mob.
I might also be starting up some more toons on Darrowmere, Horde side. One of my friends at work, the girl who got me into WOW, moved her toon there from Demon Soul. Since it would cost me $250 to move all 10 of my toons, I think I’ll just make a few to ten toons over there instead. I think I’m going to avoid making Tauren toons, and make a lot more Blood elf toons instead. Maybe a few Orcs, if I can avoid the whole greasy hair look. Yeah, I’m a snob, but I have the philosophy that if you’re going to be staring at someone’s butt for hours on end, it might as well be nice to look at. That’s why most of my Alliance toons are women. I think I’ll make a BE hunter, bring them all the way to Thunder Bluff immediately, and have them work on the TB startup quests. That way he/she will be well on their way to Exalted by 40, and able to get their Kodo.

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