Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Bring out the Tank!

I worked on both my Horde and Alliance accounts this weekend. Horde side, I worked on my druid Morticide, leveling him from level 21-25. After I had gotten through some of my equipment that I had lined up for the 22-25 level, I decided to powerlevel him through Engineering. That took a few hours, but he’s now 225 Engineering, and able to use the Parachute Cloak and Gnomish Harm Prevention belt.

Alliance side, I mainly worked on my Warrior Panzergishi. He’s been level 24 for about a month now, just sitting in Ironforge making twink armor (Shining Silver Breastplate & Green Iron Hauberk) and enchanting rods. Since he’s gotten about 600 gold, and used up a lot of his supplies, it was time to take him out leveling. I had a bow that I wanted to equip, but I needed to get the weapon skill from the weapon master in Darnassus, and I had a couple of travel quests for Auberdine and Astranaar. Since I was there, I decided to do the Remains quests on the shores of Darkshore, since it’s an easy way to get to Honored with Darnassus. I also did a couple of the “go here, meet this person” type of quests there, and then headed to Ashenvale. I didn’t really care about getting the Furlbog transforming rod, so I didn’t start it.

However, I decided to do the Dal Bloodclaw quest, since it’s just north of the village. I’m level 25, and looking for Dal outside the encampment, when I see a level 25 Horde shaman escorting the druid bear out of the cave. I decided to be nice, because I would be pissed if I got almost to the end of the escort quest, and some jerk ganked me. So, I /waved to him, and helped him kill a few of the mobs. I’m not all nice, though. After that, I decided to take the 2 travel quests to Forest Song, and as I’m running along the path, I see a level 27 Tauren hunter standing at the T intersection of the road in from the Barrens. He’s just standing there, so I decided to kill him. If you’re too stupid to seek cover in contested territory when you go AFK, you deserve to get killed. I turned in the travel quests, continued on to get the flight path from Azshara, flew back to Astranaar. I then took up the travel quest to Kaela Shadowspear in Stonetalon, and went through the pass in the mountains.

I decided not to do the “Gnomes Respite” quest, since there were 2 lvl 23 hordies playing there, and they killed me as I was running up to Kaela. Well, I did start it, since I figured they would have attacked me anyway. I ran back to my corpse, and killed one of them on the way up to meet Kaela. After that I went to Stonetalon peak to get the flightpoint, and got attacked by a single level 24 mage. I’m level 26 by this point, so I should have had no problem with him, even though I didn’t have Intercept yet. However, he knew how to Frost Nova me in place, and keep out of the way of my weapons. I think I may have gotten him with a Sunder and a Hamstring, but that was it. So, I started shooting my bow at him. He’s channeling fireballs at me, and I’m plugging him with arrows. At the last point, he hits me with at least 3 Arcane Missiles, but they don’t do much damage. I probably have 1/20th of my health left, he has the same. I kept spamming my shoot button, and took him down. Wahoo!

From that point, I picked up the Harpy killing quest, and went down to the Charred Vale, west of the Horde village in Stonetalon Mountains. Unluckily, this toon is now a Blacksmith/Engineer, so I couldn’t mine the Iron and Mithril deposits that I passed. I also completed the “Delivery for Mauren” quest from Stormwind, where you have to get 8 basilisk scales, while I was circling the Vale.

According to Lightheaded, the addon that gives you player created notes on each quest, you could do this in tandem with the basilisk killing quests in the Shimmering Flats of 1k Needles, but I was glad to get it done now. I finished with those quests, and I’m level 27, fully burned though my well-rested XP. I decided to go to Nijel’s Point in Desolace, since none of my Alliance characters have gotten that flight point before. Ehhh, not much to see, but it will be fun leaping off the cliff to attack horde characters trying to sneak past below. I turned in the Harpy quest back in Stonetalon peak, flew to Ratchett, equipped about 4 items from my bank, and jumped on the boat for Booty Bay just as it was leaving the dock. Once there, I flew up to Stormwind, set my hearth, went down to Northshire Abbey, and turned in the 5 Rethban ore that have been bugging me to complete the quest. Whew! Done with that toon for at least 10 days (probably a month), until he builds up 1.5 levels worth of well-rested again. I need to concentrate on my Alchemist (Warlock) and my Enchanter (Mage), so I can powerlevel them first, and finally start making some Arcanite bars and good enchants.

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