Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Into the Fray

I continued the astonishing trend of actually playing my Horde toons! :)
I scraped up enough mats to make 4 silvered bronze boots, and 4 silvered bronze gauntlets, and since I had made 4 solid bronze mauls earlier, that completed the last requirement for the blacksmithing quest I was on, for both my warrior and my rogue. After that, I decided to knock out my Warrior quest “The Islander,” so I flew to Ratchett, and trudged to Fray Island. At level 32, it’s pretty easy. I used a shield, so I didn’t get hurt much, and I had EZ-Thro Dynamite II to help out with the gauntlet of fighters you have to go through. After I beat the last guy down, I got the Intercept and Berzerker Stance skills, making it very difficult to juggle all my available skills.

One of my guildies mentioned using Bongos 2 for my action bars, so I’ll have to check that out. I also decided to work on “Brutal armor,” since I was close to Razorfen Krawl at that point. I got into the instance, and was able to get almost to Roogug, but the shamans fire nova totems took me down quickly once I crossed the vine to the left of the entrance. It also didn’t help that there were three of those shamans, level 25 Elites, and I’m a level 32. But I was pleased at how far I got, considering I went in by myself. Maybe once I get to level 35, and and powerlevel to 300 Engineering, my bombs/Target Dummies/Dragonling/Chicken will help me survive.

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