Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Stay away from my NPC!

The second month of the new year, already! You know what that means, sports fans! No, not real sports fans…..forget I said that. It’s Darkmoon Faire time! The first weekend of the month they setup, and they’re at that location all week. I’ll think it might be at Shattrath City this month, which sucks, because all my toons are 41 or below. I guess Banesidhe could try camping the faire, I just hope he won’t get ganked and camped because he’s too low-level for the zone.

I decided to finish off the quests on the Ratchett coastline with Morticide, since I had the Isha Awak (lvl 27 swimming dinosaur) and Northwatch Hold quests to finish off. I took down Isha pretty easily, even though I was level 23, though I must say my Fire totem and Lightning shield did most of the work. I mostly dodged and caused him to dodge with my attacks. :)

Northwatch Hold was pretty easy. As I was running up to it, I saw a lvl 21 druid taking the guards on, and asked if he wanted to party up. He did so, and considering that most of the guards are level 16, it was extremely easy. Seeing him Prowl made me miss playing my druids though, since Ghost Wolf doesn’t have stealth (yet?). The only hard part there is usually the escort quest back. Unless you’re level 25+, or an engineer, or have healing abilities, the darn NPC aggro’s so easily that you can be swarmed by multiple mobs. You’ll be fine, but you’ll fail the quest because he dies pretty quickly. Luckily, with 2 of us, we were able to engage the mobs at a distance, and keep Gilthares moving along with no fear of death.

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