Monday, November 10, 2008

High Pop vs. Low Pop

I’ve learned the difference between a high pop server and a low-mid pop server now. I’ve been trying to get my friend to start playing WOW, so I let him play on my account, on the Doomhammer (vanilla) PvE server. That’s a high pop server, and it shows. I wanted to get him some quick gold, so I made a character there, and went skinning and mining for stuff to put on the AH. While I was there, I decided to check the prices of bags. The 24 slot Leatherworking bags were like 12 gold there, whereas on Demon Soul and Daggerspine, they’re like 80-100 gold! Engineering bags were about 4-6 gold, and 20 slot enchanting bags were 8 gold. Maybe it’s low priced because there’s no risk of getting ganked on a normal server, so you can go farm anywhere you want, and just be wary of NPC’s.
I did find out what fits in Engineering bags. All Essences of XXX, Elemental XXX, Motes of XXX(and I would imagine Primals too), Core of Earth, Heart of Fire…..very useful for any profession to get an engineering bag, just for the extra storage. I think Alchemy is the profession that makes Primal Mights out of the Primals, so they’d probably find it useful at the 300-375 level. And since it only takes 10 Fel Iron Bars (20 Ore) to make the bag, you can probably bid on Ore or bars to get the mats cheaply, then have an engineer make it for you. Hmm, I wish there was an Alchemy bag that would hold the potions that you make, as well as Oily Blackmouth and Firefin snappers (or at least the oil), and a 24-30 slot Cloth bag would be excellent.
I also found there’s been some changes to areas since the patch. In Dustwallow Marsh, I was accustomed to walking north from Menethil Harbor to Ratchett, fishing along the way, and not having to deal with monsters until I swam around the islands that had murlocs. Now, there’s Defias Privateers on the shoreline, making that impossible. I need to check out the coastline in Tanaris around Steamwheedle port, to see if they’ve screwed with the easy fishing around there. Also, in Hillsbrad at Southshore, there’s random attacks by Syndicate Assassins. Quite annoying for a low level character to try and boost fishing at the 3 fishing spots at the dock, and being attacked by a lvl 30? enemy.

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