Monday, November 10, 2008

I got 99 problems, but Gold ain't one.

I splurged and got the Primal Airs for 21 gold each, to enchant the Parachute Cloaks for the hunter and rogue. My hunter was already maxed at engineering 225, so he was able to equip it immediately, but the rogue only had engineering 215. I had to scrounge around thru all my characters for enough Heavy Blasting Powder/Heavy Stones to send to her, so she could make more Goblin Land Mines to level up. I made about 14, and was able to wear the cloak. I just need to clear out my quest log a little bit, turn in some quest materials to clear up my bags, and then Aosdanasaoi is ready to go kick some spider butt in Thelgen Rock! I think I’ll go over to the dam and jump off it, then trigger the cloak when I get close enough to the ground.

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