Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Planning Ahead

Thrillkiller (Horde rogue) is now level 37, a 300 level Gnomish Engineer, level 286 cook, 210 First Aid, 221 Mining, and working on the fishing quest to increase the fishing skill cap to 300. It is so FUN to be an engineer! Yelling Geronimooooo! and jumping off Freewind Post in 1K needles, then popping your parachute cloak and floating safely to the ground. And the explosives really come in handy as well. It seems that Blizz gave each level cap an option for bombs that have no stun effect, but are cost effective to make. For the 300 level, you can make Dense Dynamite, which costs 2 Dense Blasting powder and 3 runecloth, and makes 2 bombs that do about 300-400 damage to an area. When I can bid on and get solid and dense stacks for 30 silver each, and a stack of runecloth for 1.2 gold, this is an easy choice for me. I think the 225 level has Solid Dynamite, which is Solid Blasting powder and Silk cloth.

Along the way, I was able to make 7 Mithril Mechanical Dragonlings. I was going to make the 17 I need for all my toons (9 engineers, and Bloodshrike made one already), but I’m not going to pay 4 gold each Star Ruby! Ludicrous, especially since I’ll be mining Thorium soon. I’m sure it will be a long time before I hit 50, so that will give me time to accumulate enough when I powerlevel my first engineer to 375. I was lucky enough to buy the Arcanite Dragonling schematic on the Horde server, and I think I also got it on my Ally server as well. There’s certain recipes that I want all my engineer toons to know, like Goblin Land Mines, but the high level ones like Sniper Scope and the Arcanite Dragonling, I’m comfortable just having 1 toon on each server have it. Planning ahead, I will make double the number of Mithril Dragonlings that most of my toons would need, because one of them is used in making the Arcanite Dragonling, and I couldn’t do that if only one of my toons has the recipe, and the trinkets are soulbound to the other toons. Since I ran out of Star Rubies, and continued powerleveling, I guess Morticide will probably be the toon to make and hold the other Mithril dragonlings, because Kukoshakaku’s bank is full of leatherworking mats. Literally, full. I need to play him, so I can equip the items clogging up space in the main bank area, and easily be able to dump stuff I get from grinding.

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