Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Make sure to take off all the mothballs when you bring toons out of storage

I did a bit of leveling this weekend, starting with Bloodshrike (troll). I vacuumed the dust off of him, and sent him to Dustwallow Marsh. I started with the Supplies quest, where you have to go to the tower in the middle of Dustwallow, free the woman, and get to the top to pick up the supplies. I was level 40, Arikara is level 31, so he’s not holding onto aggro very well. We had some problems. The respawn time on the Theramore soldiers and the named officer out front is incredible….you kill the officer, you kill about 5 soldiers, and the officer is back again! I died once because I pulled too many soldiers due to overconfidence, I died another time because I didn’t run far enough away to lose aggro.

It was funny, though. I noticed I was losing health too rapidly, so I popped a health potion, then activated the Gnomish Harm Prevention Belt to protect me from an additional 500 damage. I just didn’t run far enough away to lose the aggro from the officer, and he killed me because I had stopped running. That was enough. I buffed up with scrolls, well-fed for 12 stamina + spirit, turned on Aspect of the Hawk, and I sent Arikara in first to aggro everyone. After that, I just did a BOOM!Headshot! to everyone in there, dealt with the rapid respawn of soldiers on the way up the tower, grabbed the supplies, and jumped off.

I popped my Parachute Cloak, and was surprised to see Arikara floating down with me. I’m used to pets having to stay when I jump from cliffs, or their AI sends them back down, searching for a way to reach you, aggroing everything in their path. Or, they just disappear when you get far enough away from them, letting you summon them to your side instantly. After that I went to see Jarl, and did the Searching for Information quest, ending with killing the demon on the dock. I think I like leveling in Dustwallow, as opposed to Stranglethorn Vale, since that’s always such a hotly contested territory.

I also brought Kishigishi out a little bit, finishing up the undead sailor quests in the Wetlands by killing the captain and getting the cursed orb to turn in at Stormwind. After that, I went over to Dustwallow, since I had a travel quest there. While I was there, I did the first few steps of the Lighthouse quest chain, by going to see the lighthouse keeper, getting the Thresher Oil from the threshers by the docks, and turning it back in. I didn’t bother to go see Nat Pagle yet, since I’ll be doing the fishing quest at 35. I dinged 32 while I was killing the threshers, which actually wasn’t too hard. Level 34 and 35 threshers, and my paladin wasn’t having much problem taking them down. I know that toons should be able to take on mobs a few levels above them, and maybe even multiples of higher level mobs, but I can only do that with a Hunter or Warlock. I think the level difference might get more pronounced the higher you reach. After that, I brought Kishi over to Southshore in Hillsbrad, so she could work on her fishing, as well as doing the level 30+ quests available there.

Edit: I also started out Saturday by doing the Deadmines with a PUG. It went very well, especially since I was level 31. One of the party members annoyed me by needing a little too much, but since I didn’t really want anything that dropped, it didn’t matter that much. Finally, another toon done with VC. Hmmm….I bet Ryoushigishi could solo it now, since he’s a level 30 hunter engineer. I’ll just send Pigglywiggly to build up aggro with every mob attacking, and then kill them all with my gun and bombs.

My Gromsblood buyers are doing well too. Hangfire has about 10 stacks of Gromsblood, and 29 Felcloth so far. He came to Winterspring with about 100 gold, and now has about 66 gold left. Once I sell off about 2-3 stacks, I should easily recoup that money, and have plenty of Gromsblood to give to Gwiddonyn while she’s leveling Alchemy.

Before I start this, I’m not bragging, I’m just noting this as kind of a journal entry of my progress on the different servers. On Daggerspine, Clockwrkmage has about 600 gold, Panzergishi has about 760 gold, Tsuris has about 550 gold, Gwiddonyn has about 300 gold…..I’ve got more money and mid-high level mats for crafting than a lot of level 70 players out there. I’d like to stop playing the AH, but it’s so addicting to find bargains on there. I could probably get into buying and reselling blue and epic items, since I scan level 35-40 armor so much, looking for items to disenchant. I’ll have to use BTM scanner, and see if it comes up with anything.
On Demon Soul, Bloodshrike has about 400 gold, Bullkathos has about 600 gold (he’s been selling Arcanite Rods at 80g per rod), Kukoshakaku has about 300 gold, and Banesidhe has about 300 gold. Thrillkiller has about 30 gold left after I went on a Mithril Ore buying spree, once I noticed Bullkathos was running out of Mithril Tubes to make Sniper Scopes with. Mithril Ore was cheaper than buying Bars, so, I decided to stock up.

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