Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Time to melt faces, while still looking cute

I decided to work on Gwiddonyn, since that gnome warlock has been sitting in Darnassus for WAY too long. It’s great for picking up the Deflection recipe and the Barbaric Bracer recipe from the Trade supply and LW vendors there, but the whole setup of that city is annoying. It takes too long to run to those vendors, run to the AH, and run back to the bank and mailbox where I log out. I think I’ll just camp the vendor, save up a bunch of recipes, and be setup for a while. So, I ran down Darkshore, picking up the remains from all the monsters washed up on the coast, killed Murkdeep, did the Master’s Glaive quest, and escorted the centaur out of the Master’s Glaive.

Finally, I was done with all the quests I was willing to do in Darkshore, and Gwiddonyn was now Honored with Darnassus, which leads to saving $ when I buy recipes from the vendors, plus a discount from the flightmasters. Once I got into Ashenvale, I explored around looking for the Ruins of Ordil’Aran where I was supposed to pick up Heartswood for a Warlock quest. Once I finally looked it up on Thottbot, it was right at the spot where you pick up the Soul gem for a quest from Maestra’s post, so I got that quest and the Bathran’s hair quest as well. I completed all three of those quests, and was running up the road towards the ally town in Ashenvale, when some ??? Horde Warrior who was escorting a lower level player killed me.

So, I resurrected in the graveyard, turned in my quests, and hearthed back to Auberdine, since I had about 6 of the remains quests clogging up my quest log. I think I’ll do the travel quests to Forest song, and maybe the cure quest chain and the Furlbog quest chain up to a certain point. After that, it’s time to go back to Stormwind, and get those darned VC quests completed. They’ll probably be grayed out by the time I get back to Stormwind, but unlike the 1st Horde dungeon, which is Ragefire Chasm, the Deadmines (VC) quests link into the next dungeon, which is the Stockades.

Panzergishi, my Ally warrior Blacksmith, also found another moneymaking recipe. Truesilver rods! I had always typed in “Silver rod” to check the prices on the AH, to see if they were worth making that day or not, which also brought up Truesilver rods. Truesilver hadn’t been selling for a very high price, so I didn’t bother making it. Imagine my surprise when I saw that the Truesilver rods were on the AH for 9-12 gold, and the recipe only calls for 1 Truesilver Bar and some Heavy Grinding stones. I have been buying Truesilver Bars for about 1g or less, so I had about 60 saved up in anticipation of powerleveling engineering once one of my toons reached 35. So, I made about 3, and put them up on the AH for 7-8 gold. That should be a good moneymaker as well.

Sometimes I feel bad about charging so much for what I put up on the Auction House, but hey, the other players could make alts as well. Nothing is preventing them from making up to 50 toons, scattered across as many servers as they’d like. Nothing that I’m doing is unique, I’m just using strategies I’ve developed over the past year. Buy low, sell high. Buy materials for cheap, sell the finished product for a profit. You just have to put a little thought into it, and you can make a lot of gold.

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