Monday, November 10, 2008

Uses of Engineering bags

The new patch brings new goodies! I picked up a 20 slot Leatherworking bag on the AH for 20 gold on my Horde account, and immediately sent it to my leatherworker Kukoshakaku. Very helpful to keep all your leather in, and I checked if scales and feathers go in it as well (they do). There was a 24 slot Bag of Skins on the Daggerspine AH for 150 gold, but I’m not that desperate.
I’m not sure if this is new, but I just found that you can now store Essences in your Enchanting bags, which is good news for me. I have bid on/bought tons of Essence of Fire, and also have been picking up Essence of Undeath whenever I find it on the AH (needed for the Teleport: Gadgetzan device). It’s going for 12-15 gold on Demon Soul, but usually goes for 4-5 gold on Daggerspine, which is usually the higher priced server. Weird….

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